Customer Testimonials at Engineer 3D! 2017

See what our customers and partners have to say about the Engineer 3D! conference.


Charles Garris III at Eningeer 3D! 2017

Charles Garris III of CMD Corp. discusses the importance of creating "likable" solutions for customers.


Scott Crump at Engineer 3D! 2017

Scott Crump, Chief Innovation Officer of Stratasys discusses 3D printing at Engineer 3D!


Ken Burns at Engineer 3D! 2017

Ken Burns of Stratasys discusses 3D printing materials at Engineer 3D! 2017.


Engineer 3D! Conference Recap

Highlight reel of the largest SOLIDWORKS Training + Technology conference in the Midwest.


Gian Paolo Bassi at Engineer 3D! 2017

Gian Paolo Bassi of Dassault Systemes talks about the Future of Design.