Technical Communications

Turn imagination into reality with impactful content and animation. Enhance your technical communications with 3D manufacturing information, photo-realistic graphics, illustrations, and interactive 3D content.

Visualize Professional

Make faster, real-time design decisions and easily share 3D files with stakeholders: Take your project to the next level with the advanced features found in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional.

Visualize Standard

Photorealistic imagery made simple and efficient: The fastest and easiest way to create photorealistic imagery of your 3D data. 

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Turn current 3D design data into impressive graphical assets: Repurpose existing 3D design data to update high-quality graphical assets that are fully associated with your 3D design.

Technical Illustrations
Interactive 3D Communication
Synchronized Design Updates

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Model-Based Definition (MBD)

Define, organize, and publish 3D Product Manufacturing Information: Publish 3D model data in industry standard file formats such as 3D PDF and eDrawings.

3D Annotations
Custom Publishing Templates
Standardized Outputs 

Make your technical communications look as good as your actual product by repurposing your data for high-quality graphics, illustrations, and interactive content. Create product communications early in the design process, simplifying its creation, keeping it up-to-date, and delivering it on time.

Art to Part – Lifecycle of a Part From Design to 3D Print

Follow a part through SOLIDWORKS production in our on-demand webinar, from design, photo-realistic renderings, to 3D printing with Markforged for production. Apply this to your own workflows that can be streamlined with a few key tools.

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