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SOLIDWORKS software and 3D printers are used all around the world to solve complex technical problems across a wide range of disciplines, but they can also be used by everyday people to create their own innovative solutions to challenges they face. In my own case, I had the problem of people wanting to take pictures through my telescopes during public events — a problem I solved using the technology that is all around me here at GSC. Check out the video below to see how it went!

1/10/2019 Update: Until recently, we used an older 3D printing technology at GSC, but going forward we are using MarkForged “next generation” printers that make stronger parts, faster. Rather than re-shoot the video, I’ll just say that I’m not having to wait overnight for my prints to finish with the MarkForged 🙂


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Jeff Setzer

Jeff Setzer

As Technology Evangelist, Jeff loves showing customers new ways to use software and complementary tools to make their jobs easier. Jeff has been working with SOLIDWORKS since its first release in 1995 and he has been with GSC from the beginning! He is a Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional, a Certified SOLIDWORKS Support Technician, a Certified SOLIDWORKS Instructor, a Certified Simulation Support Technician, and a Microsoft Certified Professional.

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