How to Update Your SOLIDWORKS PDM Task Add-Ins (With Video Tutorial)

SOLIDWORKS PDM Tech Tip Tutorial

Welcome to another tech tip on PDM! Let’s go over how to update your SOLIDWORKS PDM task add-ins. If you open your administration tool, click the dropdown for add-ins and you’ll see a scenario where you have a SOLIDWORKS task add-in and then the dispatch add-in.

Compare Your Versions

These are both default add-ins that you can find in your installation files. You’ll know when to update, when you see your versions do not match your SOLIDWORKS PDM version. So if I go to this ‘About SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration’, you’ll see, I have version 29.3 or PDM 2021 Service Pack 3.

Navigate to Your Installation Files

For my PDM Task add-ins, I have version 27.01 or the 2019 Service Pack 1. Updating these add-ins is recommended after you update your SOLIDWORKS PDM (want to check what licenses are available? check out our page). If you navigate to your installation files, it’ll look something like this: Program Files > SOLIDWORKS Corp > SOLIDWORKS PDM. And then you can go one folder in, into Default Data.

Scroll to find your SOLIDWORKS PDM Task add-in. You will have to do some dragging and dropping of these files (see our video at 1:19).

Recommended to Reset Your Script

Another item that’s recommended after upgrading, if you’re using the default task and you haven’t made any customizations to the scripting, is to reset the script. Open your task properties, output file details – advanced scripting options. And sometimes you’ll see at the very top, if it’s really old, it will say PDM and then, an earlier version.

But since you just made this task, it’s going to be the latest version. But to reset it first, you actually just want to make a copy and then select reset. If this was at 2018, it would now say 2021!

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