Looking Back: GSC’s Top 3 Wins of 2018

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It’s been an eventful and fruitful year at GSC. We’re proud of the daily work our teams put in — which translates into the progress we’ve made for 2018. Day-in and day-out, vital training sessions, client meetings, tech support phone calls, and much much more happens behind the scenes. We’re appreciative of that daily grind. Without all those contributions, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Where we are now includes some hefty milestones we’ve been delighted to share with our partners and customers. Here’s a look back at our top 3 accomplishments of 2018.

Launch of Online Training

Thanks to the feedback of our students and instructors, we’ve taken some of our most popular courses and made them available online — live, and in a lecture-lab style. We understand that you’re busy, that travel’s not always easy, and that convenient training from the comfort of your home or office is extremely useful. 

Find out which SOLIDWORKS online classes we offer, review your recommended training path, and go and get yourself a deal through our training class bundles!

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Partnership with 3D Printer Innovator Markforged

By partnering with Markforged, we are now able to distribute a wider range of 3D printers and materials than ever before, and at an extremely affordable price. We’re especially over the moon that we can offer customers new metal additive technology through the Metal X line. 

For more details on the Boston-based company, Markforged, and our collaboration with them, view our Markforged press release. Or, if you’re ready to get started printing tougher, more durable parts now, call us at 800-454-2233 or take a look at our 3D printing services.

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Events Across the Midwest

We held over 30 live events across the Midwest in 2018, hosting interactive gatherings and building face-to-face relationships with our customers. Our events showcase technical learning, innovation, product development, thought leadership, and more. By creating meaningful content and memorable experiences (what’s more special than an insider experience at the EAA, an engineering 3D camp just for kids, or an inaugural Fuel Fest car show?) we notched another round of successes. These included tradeshows, SOLIDWORKS premieres, symposiums, hands-on demos and more.

Thank you to everyone throughout the engineering and manufacturing industry who joined us this past year. We value your time and without you, we wouldn’t have our events! We look forward to seeing you in the new year! Please visit our calendar for upcoming opportunities.

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