Is Your SOLIDWORKS User Set Up for Success? (A Guide to Assessments)

How would you answer the following questions?

  • How much time and money are you losing because your SOLIDWORKS users are not using the software efficiently and effectively?
  • How much time and money did you lose because that new employee was not as well-versed in SOLIDWORKS as they let on in the interview?
  • More importantly, how do remedy these issues and prevent them from happening again?

The answer to these questions is the GSC SOLIDWORKS Productivity Assessment (“SPA”) Testing Program.

SOLIDWORKS Productivity Assessments

The GSC SPA Tests were born of a desire by our customers to better understand their employees’ skill sets and abilities. This in turn would allow for more efficient, pinpointed, company-specific training programs, utilizing the best-in-class SOLIDWORKS training courseware, to be devised and implemented with the help of GSC.

Customers have benefited from this deeper understanding of their workforce through better team management and workload distribution. Additionally, many customers have found these tests helpful in evaluating or comparing interview candidates and new hires.

SOLIDWORKS Productivity Assessments

These SPA tests are a part of a consultative gap analysis methodology that GSC provides, and not just a “one-size-fits-all” solution. For instance, the “pass/fail” proficiency threshold level can be set by the customer, and the class recommendations and estimated time frames will adapt accordingly. We offer other customization options as well, such as creating role-specific tests, or adding timers.

Whether you want to quickly assess a single interviewee or devise a custom role-based assessment for multiple departments, let us help you regain those lost dollars. Get the SPA treatment from GSC!

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