Markforged Composite Machine Service Checklist

Performing routine tasks is essential to maintaining your Markforged 3D printer. The service list below specifies which items need to be swapped or adjusted on a regular basis.

Note: Build quantities are approximate, and service intervals may vary based on part size, geometry, and other variables.

Click the link below to download the preventive maintenance schedule as a printable PDF.

Short-Term Maintenance Checklist

When requested/available:

All Units

  1. Perform Firmware update when prompted
  2. Perform System Restarts when prompted

After Every Run:

All units

  1. Clear Bed
  2. Reapply glue where needed on Tru-Bed
  3. Check Material quantities
  4. Check Fiber quantities (Fiber equipped units (Onyx Pro/Mark Two/X5/X7)

After Every 5 Runs:

All Units

  1. Run Wet Plastic Purge
  2. Run Bed Level Test Print

After every 10 Runs:

All Units

  1. Clean bed fully and reapply glue
  2. Perform Bed Level Utility (Shim Bed Level for Desktop units/Laser Bed Level for Industrial units)
  3. Perform Fiber Nozzle Offset Utility on Fiber Equipped Units (Onyx Pro/Mark Two/X5/X7)

Long-Term Maintenance Checklist:

Every 500 Hours:

All Units

  1. Tension Belts

Every 3200cc of Material:

All units

  1. Replace Onyx Nozzle
  2. Replace Onyx Bowden
  3. Replace Onyx Feed Tube
  4. Perform Bed Level Utility (Shim Bed Level for Desktop units/Laser Bed Level for Industrial units)
  5. Perform Fiber Nozzle Offset Utility on Fiber Equipped Units (Onyx Pro/Mark Two/X5/X7)

Every 750cc of Fiber (Onyx Pro/Mark Two/X5/X7 Only)

  1. Replace Fiber Nozzle
  2. Replace Fiber Bowden
  3. Replace Fiber Feed Tube
  4. Perform Fiber Nozzle Offset Utility

Every 3 Months

Onyx Pro/Mark Two

  • Perform Fiber Nozzle XY Offset Utility


  • Perform Laser Guided Offset Utility

Every Year

All Units

  1. Grease Linear Bearings (requires Metal X service kit)
  2. Clean and regrease Z lead Screw (requires Metal X service kit)
  3. Inspect Cable Chain Slider, replace if needed

Maintenance Schedule Utility:

The items listed below can be tracked using the maintenance schedule utility.  Using the utility, you can set up alerts on your printer to track the usage and automatically receive notifications when it’s time to service your printer or replace or update components.  

Item Interval
Replace Plastic Nozzle3,200 cc (~ 4 spools)
Replace Plastic Bowden Tube3,200 cc (~4 spools)
Replace Plastic Load Tube3200 cc (~4 spools)
Replace Fiber Nozzle750 cc
Replace Fiber Bowden Tube750 cc
Replace Fiber Load Tube750 cc
Adjust Belt Tension500 print hours

To see the time left till service – you can access the Maintenance Schedule Utility through: Menu > Utilities > Maintenance > Maintenance Schedule.

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