8 Reasons You’re Denying Yourself Better ECAD Software

Here are the top 8 justifications we often hear from companies – companies well-suited for a more efficient ECAD system – who convince themselves they can’t implement a better software. But the truth is, we know how to guide you to better technology in a smooth transition.

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1. “We’re too busy.”

It takes perspective to know when you could be working smarter, not harder. Abraham Lincoln said, “If you give me 6 hours to cut down a tree, I will spend the first hour sharpening my axe.” Modern day engineering departments operate with more work and fewer people as in past generations. Not taking the time to implement tools that will make you more effective and efficient all in the name of “too busy”? There’s never a perfect time for change, but with the right partner, and plan, that change is manageable.

2. “It’s a big investment.”

So are ECN/ECOs, overnighting parts, sending someone on an airplane to fix a problem, correcting red line drawings, etc. Those happen every day. What if you could nearly eliminate the need for the expensive cost of clerical CAD errors?

3. “We tried another Intelligent Schematic package and it didn’t work out.”

Now this reason, we hear often; trust us! We’ve developed an implementation program to ensure that you’re successful with your new tool. GSC will never just sell SOLIDWORKS Electrical and walk away from you for you figure it out on your own. We are successful when you are successful.

4. “I can work faster with my current methods.”

Could you run faster than you could ride a bike when your first started? Absolutely, but it didn’t stay that way. With practice, perfected your new skills. Just like with SOLIDWORKS Electrical, we’ll be by your side, making sure to guide you on the right path, and before you know it you’ll be completing designs in a fraction of the time you did before.

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5. “I don’t know SOLIDWORKS.”

Yes, we know, and that’s ok. SOLIDWORKS Electrical is a stand-alone product. It has toolsets tailored for the electrical engineering community, with the full community and support of SOLIDWORKS and GSC.

6. “The Electrical Content Portal does not have 100% of my parts.”

Yes. 100% true. The library of parts, although central to SOLIDWORKS Electrical, is not what a decision to implement should be based off of. Our experts know how to efficiently create a library. Will some work be required? Yes. Will GSC help with this work? Yes. Will this work only have to be done once? Absolutely. Think about it – in any system new things need to be added, and in SOLIDWORKS Electrical they are added once in one location, and then you’re done until that part is obsoleted.

7. “We’re waiting for the next big project to come.”

It is the perfect time to look at new tools. We’ll help you be prepared for the next big project to be awarded. When it does, your new tools will be up and running to take on the new challenge head-on.

8. “We have a whole history of *insert current CAD package* files. It will take too long to convert.”

The expert implementers at GSC have may ways to integrate your current CAD package into a new SOLDWORKS Electrical environment. GSC will work with your team to determine the correct amount of historical data to house in your new SOLIDWORKS Electrical System.

If you’re curious about statistics, implementation, customer success stories, or happen to have questions, we’re more than happy to talk to you. Give us a call today at 800-454-2233 or fill out our online contact form. We’ll be in touch.

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Clare Schaeffer

As Applications Engineering Director with a background in Electrical Engineering, Clare leverages SOLIDWORKS Electrical to save her customers time. She's had experience in the “trenches” as a design engineer for new product development, including circuit boards, prior to joining GSC. She has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Valparaiso University and is a certified SOLIDWORKS (CSWS-MD) and Electrical Specialist (CSWS-E).

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