How Does Simulation Work in Markforged’s Eiger Software?

Markforged has introduced its latest software offering, Simulation. Previously, FEA analysis of 3D printed parts was extremely challenging, as the materials had to be quantified, and their non-isotropic properties were hard to simulate accurately. It was almost impossible to simulate due to wall thickness, roof thickness, Z layer strength, and infill variables. With Markforged Simulation, FEA is now easy and accurate. This new software considers all parameters of the part in Eiger and determines a part’s factor of safety and deflection without printing.

Not only does Simulation provide this information without expensive iterative testing, but can also optimize settings in a part and provide several options so users can choose what’s is best for them. This provides optimized printing to ensure parts are strong enough to match requirements while using minimal fiber and decreasing print times. This improves printer throughput, lowers part costs, and reduces lead times.

Simulation is available for a free trial for every Eiger user.

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