Hosted Solutions

Secure data storage on the cloud

Host SOLIDWORKS on the Cloud

We have unique options for companies interested in moving their engineering applications, such as SOLIDWORKS, to the cloud. Our tailored offerings cater to companies seeking a seamless transition to the cloud. Check out the options below.

Software as a Service


If your business is ready to transition to a SAAS Cloud solution, consider adopting the Dassault Systems 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Choose between 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS or Desktop SOLIDWORKS connected to the cloud. This platform consists of various apps that facilitate essential business tasks. It enables collaborative product development, bringing together all aspects of design and validation. 

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Hosted as a Service

SOLIDWORKS Hosting on the Cloud

If you're not quite prepared to transition to a complete SAAS model but require centralized data storage and the ability to access resources remotely, you can take a gradual approach to the Cloud by utilizing our hosted solutions, powered by EpiGrid. This allows you to streamline operations and reduce costs, all while making use of the CAD tools your engineering team is already familiar with. 

Solidworks hosted as a service
SOLIDWORKS Hosted as a Service
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PDM as a Service
Epigrid Managed Cloud
Managed Cloud

Connect your SOLIDWORKS to the Cloud

SOLIDWORKS Cloud Services connects your CAD data to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. It allows easy 3D design sharing, secure storage, and formal design change management. Included with new SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD licenses and available to existing users for a nominal fee, it offers seamless collaboration tools accessible from anywhere, eliminating costly IT overhead.