SOLIDWORKS 2017: Magnetic Mates

Working with large assemblies can often be challenging due to the sheer number of models that get loaded and the interactions that need to be solved between these components. This can be particularly difficult when working with layouts to optimize space and organize equipment.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 introduces magnetic mates, a real game-changer when working with large assemblies. Not only are they easy to set up, magnetic mates can also be easily broken by simply dragging to unsnap, and then re-snapping the model to a new location. 

Introducing Magnetic Mates

Watch and learn just how easy it is to use magnetic mates in SOLIDWORKS 2017!



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Matt Luedke

Matt, Senior Technical Specialist, has over 18 years of mechanical design and engineering experience. Having worked as an Applications Engineer and Support Manager for other design platforms, and a product designer for a packaging company, Matt’s background is strong across multiple design platforms. Matt specializes in product documentation solutions and holds a certification in SOLIDWORKS Composer.

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