Reel EngineeringSee Manufactured Parts in Action!


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Reel Engineering

See Manufacturing in Action!

Experience firsthand the latest engineering design software and manufacturing techniques working in tandem, including SOLIDWORKS software and DN-Solutions machine tools for production, all showcased within the Ellison Technologies Showroom.

3D Printing in Manufacturing Markforged
3D Printing in Manufacturing

Take a look at our 3D printing tour. Learn about metal and tough composites changing manufacturing as aids and end-use parts!

solidworks training
SOLIDWORKS CAD Manager's Bootcamp

 Learn best practices for configuring, installing, and automating SOLIDWORKS within your company.


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Pinpoint current skills and areas of growth. Whether for yourself, your team, or your new hire, you'll receive a report with a skills assessment and recommended areas of improvement.

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Stay current and competitive with these benefits. Gain new features each year with immediate access to SOLIDWORKS releases and upgrades, live technical support, and more.


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