SOLIDWORKS Productivity Assessments

Would you like to evaluate the SOLIDWORKS skills of employment candidates or current employees?

Our customers want to know their employees’ or candidates’ skills. Having a deeper understanding of their workforce leads to better team management and workload distribution. Training also becomes more specific and beneficial. GSC's SOLIDWORKS Productivity Assessments help you get started in developing your employees skillset in using SOLIDWORKS.


Is your Design Team experiencing the following?
  • Delays in deadlines
  • Design errors
  • Need for rework
  • Decrease in productivity
  • Different standards for best practices
  • Uneven knowledge levels
With a real-time skills assessment, you will be able to:
  • Identify skill gaps and areas of improvement
  • Align your team member's individual performance
  • Increase productivity and reduce errors


Do you want to know the SOLIDWORKS proficiency of your candidates or new hires?
  • Need to compare candidates' skill levels?
  • Need to proactively identify skill gaps?
With a real-time skills assessment, you will be able to:
  • Better plan for on-boarding and orientation
  • Reduce time for the new employee to be fully productive
  • Ensure they'll be a good fit for your team
  • Improve their engagement from the beginning

Individual Test

$300 Per Test
  • Includes individual test, scores, and recommendations

5 Test Package

$1,200 Total Price
  • Includes 5 individual tests, scores, and recommendations

10 Test Package

$2,000 Total Price
  • Includes 10 individual tests, scores, and recommendations

Individual SOLIDWORKS Productivity Assessments include the test and scores

Start the Process

Whether investing in your current employees or hiring, our assessments discover areas of growth for your team.

Test Descriptions

  • SOLIDWORKS light blue gsc icon

    • Sketching
    • Basic Part Modeling
    • Configurations
    • Editing
    • Bottom-Up Assembly Creation

  • SOLIDWORKS light blue gsc icon
    Advanced Part Modeling

    • Splines
    • Sweeps
    • Lofts
    • Multibody Concepts

  • SOLIDWORKS light blue gsc icon
    Assembly Modeling

    • Bottom-Up and Top-Down Assembly Creation Techniques
    • Assembly Features
    • Mating Practices

  • SOLIDWORKS light blue gsc icon

    • Advanced View Creation
    • Advanced Dimensioning Methods
    • Annotation Techniques

  • SOLIDWORKS light blue gsc icon

    • Basic and Advanced Sheet Metal Creation
    • Basic and Advanced Editing Techniques
    • Folded-to Flat Workflows
    • Flat-to-Folded Workflows

  • SOLIDWORKS light blue gsc icon

    • Sweeps
    • Lofts
    • Fills
    • Surface Repair Processes
    • Advanced Curve Generation Features

  • SOLIDWORKS light blue gsc icon

    • Basic Profile Member Usage
    • Structural Member Usage
    • Corner and Trim Treatments
    • Weld Bead Creation and Calculations

Group Assessments & Custom Assessments

Please note that we also offer group assessments for teams, and also offer custom tests where we combine design areas specific to the test-taker (such as sheet metal and weldments). Please request a quote if interested in these options.


Individual Standard tests: Take one of our standard tests and receive an instant score report. Whether evaluating an individual or a group, you will have a quick snapshot of the participant's skill level.

Custom Productivity Assessment. These are custom and geared to a more in-depth SOLIDWORKS performance evaluation for your team. GSC's experienced consultants will provide a full report with findings and recommendations to guide you in the right direction to maximize your productivity. You may use our standard tests or tailored tests customized to your business needs and industry. A Custom Productivity Assessment will:

    1. Measure individual or group knowledge and efficiency using SOLIDWORKS
    2. Identify the gaps in each software application area affecting your business
    3. Propose specific training paths

Please request a quote if interested in this option.

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SOLIDWORKS Productivity Assessments will help you find your way to:

SOLIDWORKS light blue gsc icon

Up-to-date tool knowledge

SOLIDWORKS light blue gsc icon

Best practices

SOLIDWORKS light blue gsc icon

Standardized use across your team

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Increase in productivity

Our tests are designed to mirror our best-in-class SOLIDWORKS Training curriculum, and our instructors enjoy a world-class 98.4% satisfaction rate, offering quality training.

Get started with SOLIDWORKS Productivity Assessments today!

What Our Clients Say

I used the SOLIDWORKS Essentials assessment provided by GSC to help me determine job candidates' level of SOLIDWORKS proficiency. GSC worked with me upfront to tailor the assessment to my needs. I received the assessment results almost immediately! An important tool for me when hiring new employees. 

Jesse Snyder

G&V Machine Co.