Electrical Implementation Services

Make the transition to a new ECAD system easier than ever.

on-site assistance & customized training

Electrical or Mechatronic students working together

GSC’s electrical engineers have the real-world know-how to make SOLIDWORKS Electrical immediately work for you.

Electrical Engineers On-Staff

From configuring formulas, to setting up your symbols, to managing your vendor part libraries, our experienced experts have the best practices and tips and tricks to fuel your success.

We also offer on-site assistance and customized training to empower your team with the tools and best practices they need to be instantly successful using this powerful tool.

Why Implement with gsc

When you know you'll have a lot to learn and a lot to ask, but don't know where to start, our trainers and their experience come into play. We consider your specific design style and needs.

Receive comprehensive training.

Build a template and library.

Be guided and mentored every step of the way.

8 Reasons You’re Denying Yourself Better ECAD Software

It takes perspective to know when you could be working smarter, not harder. With the right partner, you can strategically transition to a better ECAD system.

Embracing Intelligent Schematics for Electrical Design

There are amazing benefits to implementing intelligent schematics for electrical design. Do you know them? What's the cost of not knowing?

Welcome to SOLIDWORKS Schematics

What makes SOLIDWORKS Electrical technology unique on the market? Learn about its unified, collaborative, and cross-functional capabilities today.