Create Complex SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal Designs By First Modeling a Form (With Video)

When most people think of sheet metal in SOLIDWORKS, they think of brackets, covers, and enclosures. These “traditional” sheet metal designs lend themselves well to a workflow based on sketching, making a base flange, and then pulling additional flanges from there.

Basic Sheet Metal parts are easily modeled with sketch and flange construction.

When looking at heavier sheet metal construction, such as chutes, hoppers, and similar designs where pieces are often welded together to create the final part, the “sketch-flange” workflow isn’t very efficient.

More complex sheet metal designs are best created from a solid form.

There is a much better workflow to create these kinds of designs, and they involve modeling the volume as a solid body and then pulling sheet metal pieces from the body. We even have a specific sheet metal tool called “Convert to Sheet Metal” specifically for this purpose – check out the video below to see how it’s done!

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