SOLIDWORKS How-To: Copy & Mate by CTRL-Drag & Drop

You may know that you can copy a component in an assembly by doing a CTRL-drag and drop. You may also know that you can create mates with the SmartMate tool by doing an ALT-drag and drop.

But did you know you can copy a component and do SmartMates by doing a CTRL-drag and drop by dragging and dropping specific geometry?

To copy a part and SmartMate, simple drag the geometry of the part you want to copy and drop to the geometry you want the copy to mate with. It’s just like doing a standard SmartMate operation but instead of mating the original part, you’re making and mating a copy that you drag. See an example below.

Holding CTRL, drag the pin by the edge you want to mate
CTRL-drag the edge of the pin to the edge of the link to mate to
Click the pin and select View Mates from the popup toolbar to confirm mates
Screenshot of the pin highlighted
Screenshot of the pin highlighted with a secondary hover

In our example, simply holding CTRL and dragging and dropping a pin by a circular edge to another circular edge results in a second pin and two mates, all done with one simple action! Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference; I hope this one makes a difference for you!


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