Design Analysis – Simulation Training Track at E3D!

Here’s a snapshot into the sessions on SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SIMULIA.

Track List

  • Intro to Simulation Workshop
  • Simulation Tips, Tricks and New Features
  • Flow Simulation Workshop
  • Failure Modes and Strengths of Materials
  • Intro to Injection Molding
  • Topology Optimization
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Simulation Motion Workshop
  • SIMULIAWorks Structural Professional Engineer with Abaqus Non-linear Solver
  • GE Health Simulation Case Study

Session Descriptions

Intro to Simulation

Are you ensuring you have the best design the first time? Attend this hands-on workshop, lead by our Simulation experts, to learn how to determine product mechanical resistance, product durability, natural frequencies, buckling, and test heat transfer with SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

Simulation Tips, Tricks & New Features

Want to be more efficient and get better results in SOLIDWORKS Simulation? Attend this session to get all of our tips and tricks straight from our Simulation experts. We’ll also take a look at some of our favorite new features as well as troubleshoot an analysis.

Flow Simulation Workshop

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation enables you to use computational fluid dynamic (CFD) insights to make technical decisions through a concurrent engineering approach. We’ll show you how to get the most from this tool during this hands-on workshop.

Failure Modes & Strength of Materials

Using software for engineering is great. Understanding the science behind it is even better. We’ll talk about structural failure modes, the theories used to determine when failure occurs, and common factors of safety used when designing for such failures. If you’ve never fully understood the strength of materials, or if college memories have faded a bit, come to this session to get an introduction/refresher.

Intro to Plastic Injection Molding

Learn how this easy-to-use injection molding simulation helps leading companies predict manufacturing-related defects on parts and reduce cycle times.

Topology Optimization

What is Topology Optimization and how you can use this tool in your design process to automate a part redesign based on the results from a FEA validation study. Topology Optimization is commonly used to reduce material costs, shift frequency, and optimize fluid flow path.

Fatigue Analysis

Expand your knowledge of the fatigue life estimation process. We’ll show you how to build it from a stress analysis, S-N curves, adjustment factors, and other items that go into successfully estimating fatigue life.

Simulation Motion Workshop

Simulate “real world” physics. Attend this hands-on workshop, lead by our Simulation experts, to learn how to conduct Multibody Dynamics (MBD) using SOLIDWORKS Motion. SOLIDWORKS Motion improves engineering efficiency and reduces product development costs by enabling early system-level design validation.

SIMULIAWorks Structural Professional Engineer with Abaqus Nonlinear Solver

Advanced Simulation capabilities with Structural Professional Engineer are the latest addition to the SIMULIAWORKS Simulation portfolio. This solution brings best-in-class Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools – conduct structural static, frequency, buckling, modal dynamic response, and structural-thermal analysis of parts and assemblies. These capabilities enable you to validate complex product designs quickly and cost-effectively, helping to speed up innovation, enhance quality, and reduce time to market.

Built on the cloud-based Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, now you can run simulations on both your local machine or in the cloud, and leverage the growing suite of apps designed to help you with all facets of creating innovative, successful products.

Simulation-Driven Product Development at GE Health Care

GE Healthcare Anesthesia and Respiratory Care (ARC) Group is using SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation’s free surface capabilities to model the filling process of transferring anesthesia agent from a sealed bottle to its vaporizer. Objective is to optimize the liquid flow and gas exchange paths via CFD virtual prototyping.


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What’s E3D?

E3D!, or Engineer 3D! will be held October 2-3, 2019, at the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino in Milwaukee, WI. The largest 3D engineering technology conference in the Midwest, has a jam-packed agenda with 80+ educational sessions and hands-on workshops spanning across 8 solution tracks: Mechanical Design, 3D Printing, Simulation, Electrical Design, Product Data Management (PDM), Automation, Communications, and Talent Management.

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