See What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2023

SOLIDWORKS 2023 Has Arrived!

See all of the new updates and features in SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE 2023! Learn about the helpful PDM services we offer and better understand how manufacturing technology continues to create superior software, tougher 3D printers, and robust automation tools for leaner and meaner processes. 

In this webinar, we will demonstrate certain roles in 3DEXPERIENCE, including design, data management, and manufacturing. Join us to explore what the latest and greatest looks like in the near future for Product Design and Manufacturing.

Watch On-Demand Recording

Our on-demand recording of what's new in 2023 is available for you to see all the new enhancements and features. Please note our presentation was originally done live and covered a lot of content.

  • Learn more about enhancements and new workflows to improve productivity
  • Test drive the expanded solutions that can shorten your time to market
  • Dive deeper into the new capabilities and enhancements
Top 5 New Features in SOLIDWORKS 2023

Trying to choose the top 5 favorite improvements in SOLIDWORKS 2023 wasn't easy! Learn our favorites including lightweight and resolved modes, drawing BOM filtering, structure systems, and so much more. 

Jeff Setzer,
Your Presenter

As Technology Evangelist, Jeff loves showing customers new ways to use software and complementary tools to make their jobs easier. Jeff has been working with SOLIDWORKS since its first release in 1995 and he has been with GSC since 1992! He is a Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional, a Certified SOLIDWORKS Support Technician, a Certified SOLIDWORKS Instructor, a Certified Simulation Support Technician, and a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Jeff Setzer
Nick Schmidtke
Nick Schmidtke
Product Manager - Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing for Manufacturing: Learn About
Industrial 3D Printers

3D printing for manufacturing is here, and has been available for a while. Industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense, consumer goods, medical, and more are adopting 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing (think the opposite of subtractive manufacturing, or CNC machining). 3D printing is empowering a number of companies to respond quickly and manufacture at the point of need – learn more about this process!

Tighten up your supply chain, strengthen any weak points in production, get to market faster while saving time and money along the way (and we have the ROI to prove it to you). No longer just for prototyping, 3D printing for manufacturing has unlocked applications across your production. Nimble, movable, affordable desktop 3D printers and the strong materials available have opened doors to precise, functional 3D printed parts that stand in for final parts, and can take a beating on the factory floor as manufacturing aids.