The Top 10 Questions Users Asked About SOLIDWORKS & 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS 2021

1. Can SOLIDWORKS 2021 also convert files to, and export in, the 3MF file format?

Yes, we can do both. And we read and write not only the geometry, but also the textures, transparencies and colors. Check the SOLIDWORKS 2021 Online Help for specifics.

2. Does dynamic resolve work if you measure something? For example, when measuring a diameter, you usually need to resolve the part before the measure tool will give a dimension?

In SOLIDWORKS 2021, using the Measure command does not require resolution of lightweight components. When I open the Veritank model and use the Measure command, as I choose faces, edges, and vertices, the relevant components are highlighted in the FeatureManager tree, but they are not resolved. That is also true when I measure a part diameter by clicking on a circular edge or a cylindrical face.

3. Are there any new computer requirements for SOLIDWORKS 2021?

Every major release of SOLIDWORKS is going to prompt you to check your computer setup and the new requirements for the new version. The minimum requirements are on I don’t know of any major new changes.

As long as your graphics card can open GL 4.5 or later, then it will work with SOLIDWORKS new graphics pipeline and it will be enhanced. it will be supported in the new graphics pipeline in 2020-2021.

For related info, find my computer hardware recommendations document in this blog.

4. What GPU are these tests being done with?

These tests were done on an NVIDIA Quadro P5000 graphics card; however, on my thin and light Dell Precision 5540 with an NVIDIA T2000 graphics card, I found similar delta in performance with the Enhanced Graphics setting turned on versus off. Those tests will be the subject of an upcoming blog.

5.Will the Custom Visualizations in the Engineering Database in Flow Simulation 2021 work for the whole network of other users?

You can set the location of the User Defined Database in Flow Simulation Options, which allows for sharing over a network location.

6. Are there any options to convert current Desktop SOLIDWORKS CAD licenses into the 3DEXPERIENCE App with PLM Services?

Please contact us at GSC to assess your needs and walk through your options. Find more on 3DEXPERIENCE and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

7. Is 3DEXPERIENCE an add-on?

3DEXPERIENCE is a platform that stands alone and has a multitude of roles and apps that are designed to be used and seamlessly integrated across a manufacturing organization. However, there are a few add-on like interactions with SOLIDWORKS with specific roles and apps. The 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS has its own set of tools. SOLIDWORKS functions as its own set of tools. There are opportunities for them to work together when required.


8. Is SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE offering a separate license, and does it cost any more than what we are paying now?

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform offers many different roles that allow permission to use a multitude of apps online. Each role has a cost associated with it and has a few different configurations for licensing costs. The 3DEXPERIENCE apps are all for named users, no floating licenses, and they are sold on a software as a service model.

3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS is deployed and run from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. It is a locally-installed Windows application, with the same system requirements as SOLIDWORKS Desktop.

If there are additional questions about comparing costs of your current solution to a 3DEXPERIENCE solution please contact GSC and we are happy to walk through all of the aspects of the different solutions’ commercial implications.

9. Have the tutorials been updated in 2021?

The tutorials are the same in 2021 as previous versions of SOLIDWORKS.

10. Is there a specific NVidia video card series we should try and get, or should we just stick with the most expensive we can afford?

I don’t recommend using cost as an indicator to how useful a graphics card will be for SOLIDWORKS users. It’s easy to spend money on a card that is overkill for your data set; remember, graphics cards affect interactive zoom / pan / rotate in SOLIDWORKS, but they don’t make files load faster or rebuilds happen quicker. For most SOLIDWORKS users, the Quadro P20002200 is more than enough performance, but if you’re working with really large assemblies or using SOLIDWORKS Visualize, you should contact us to help you navigate to a sound decision on graphics hardware.

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