GSC joins Ellison Technologies to help American Manufacturers Make EVEN MORE

In the world of manufacturing, design and production go hand in hand. That's why GSC and Ellison Technologies have joined forces to bridge the gap between these crucial elements.

We offer unparalleled experience at every stage of part development. From the initial design phase using 3D CAD, to rapid prototyping with cutting-edge 3D printing technology, and finally, the manufacturing stage where Ellison Technologies specializes in providing advanced machine tooling solutions. 

By combining the machining capabilities offered by Ellison with GSC’s engineering and manufacturing software solutions, we can give American manufacturers the tools, training, and processes they need to compete globally. 

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Your trusted resource for 3D engineering solutions

GSC offers engineering and manufacturing solutions including design, simulation, data management, technical documentation, and additive manufacturing. With a focus on CAD and additive design, GSC provides consulting, technical support, and training services. As a leading provider of SOLIDWORKS solutions and Markforged printing technologies, GSC helps companies innovate and increase productivity. Founded in 1989, GSC is based in Germantown, WI.



Equipping American manufacturers to compete and win, both locally and globally

Ellison Technologies is a leader in cutting-edge machining solutions for metal-cutting manufacturers and their global affiliates in North America. Whether the solution involves a stand alone machine, multi-process equipment, or an integrated manufacturing system with robotic automation, their goal remains the same; to optimize throughput and quality at the lowest per-part manufacturing cost



The Journey of the Part

If it's been manufactured, it's been designed.

Ellison Technologies Offerings

A leading provider of advanced machine tooling, Ellison Technologies provides American manufacturers with the expertise, technology, and service they need to manufacture smarter, increase output, boost profitability and create significant future growth.  

Machining Centers

No matter the part, complexity, or size, there is a comprehensive range of machining solutions, including 3, 4, or 5-axis capabilities, horizontal or vertical setups, and a variety of options such as boring, milling, and moving column machining to help meet the needs of your business.


From simple to precision tasks, collaborative robots can provide optimized solutions with a variety of lineups and be applied to various production processes,


Ellison Technologies is your trusted OneSource for all your CNC machining equipment needs, including service & maintenance, spindle rebuilds, support, and parts.


BlueChip Advanced Manufacturing Group works closely with your business to align your future goals with a customized and actionable plan. This includes implementing technology, improving processes, enhancing equipment, and setting up adaptable manufacturing cells. 

GSC Manufacturing Software Offerings

Program any industrial robot or machine with one simulation environment through DELMIA gateway roles.

Fabrication & Machining

Enhance machine productivity with an advanced CAM & CAD software that optimizes machining operations by seamlessly integrating tool path programming and machine tool simulation.

Manufacturing Collaboration

Participate and interact in collaborative team environments via the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Users can collaborate in-person via interactive touchscreens or remotely using mobile devices or desktops.

Factory Automation

Design, validate, and program robotic work cells with speed and accuracy in a virtual factory, where you can create a digital twin of your existing factory floor and simulate the behavior of a station, line, or facility.