Unlocking Manufacturing Potential with DELMIA’s Factory Automation Tools

DELMIA robotic automation tools

Companies constantly seek ways to optimize production processes, improve efficiency, and maximize equipment investments. Dassault Systèmes, a 3D software pioneer, transforms this through DELMIA’s Factory Automation tools. 

DELMIA Factory Automation tools offer solutions to craft and simulate a 3D digital replica of your factory. You can generate 3D models of machines, robotic workcells, lines, and plants from scratch, 2D drawings, or by scanning your actual facility’s point cloud. These models enable in-depth simulation for optimizing material flows and productivity within your factory.

DELMIA Factory Automation tools encompass three distinct areas:

Plant Layout and Factory Flow Simulation 

Streamlining Production Workflows  

DELMIA’s Plant Layout and Flow Simulation tools allow manufacturers to create and simulate complex production workflows in a virtual environment. This feature is invaluable as it allows companies to test scenarios without disrupting real-world operations. By virtually simulating the entire production process, from raw material handling to final assembly, manufacturers can identify potential bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and opportunities for improvement. 

With a clear understanding of the production workflow and its limitations, manufacturers can optimize and fine-tune their processes before implementing changes on the shop floor. This saves time and resources and ensures that any modifications are well-informed, leading to more significant improvements in the long run. 

Enhancing Equipment Utilization and Performance  

DELMIA’s Plant Layout and Flow Simulation tools also provide in-depth insights into equipment utilization and performance. Manufacturers can analyze how different equipment setups impact production output, cycle times, and downtime. By identifying underutilized machinery or processes, companies can make informed decisions about equipment investments and rearrange production schedules for better resource allocation. 

The software’s powerful analytics also enable predictive maintenance, reducing unexpected equipment breakdowns and minimizing unplanned downtime. By maintaining equipment in optimal condition, manufacturers can enhance production stability and maximize the lifespan of their machinery, ultimately boosting their return on investment. 


Robotic Programming & Simulation

DELMIA Robotics software ensures that production systems and robot programming are error-free before they are physically built. It does this by creating a collaborative 3D environment where you can define how robots will work, including the tools and equipment they’ll use. This software then helps you program and improve these robots while simulating the entire manufacturing setup and how products will move through it. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Create a collaborative 3D environment for defining robot operations, tools, and equipment. 
  • Simulate manufacturing processes and product flow for accurate optimization. 
  • Manage robots and simulate actions before physical setup, saving time and costs. 
  • Utilize digital twin technology for precise virtual models, ensuring expected robot performance. 
  • Smooth transition with minimal production pauses for adjustments. 

Additional Capabilities: 

  • Comprehensive tools for safer and more efficient layout and programming of robotic systems. 
  • Simplified end-to-end manufacturing engineering processes, including layout, simulation, validation, calibration, and offline robot programming on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. 
  • Ideal for various applications including arc welding, adhesives, machine tending, pick & place. 
  • Features robot library, translators, offline programming in native robot language. 
  • Seamless import of existing robot programs. 
Two women collaborating and talking about scheduling capabilities

Optimizing Production Scheduling and Capacity Planning  

Efficient production scheduling and capacity planning are vital for any manufacturing operation. These tools offer advanced planning and scheduling capabilities, allowing manufacturers to create realistic production schedules and anticipate potential challenges in meeting demand. 

Through simulations and what-if scenarios, manufacturers can assess the impact of various factors on production, such as workforce availability, machine downtime, or material shortages. With this foresight, manufacturers can proactively adjust to meet deadlines, reduce lead times, and ensure on-time customer delivery. 

Ensuring Safety and Compliance 

Ergonomics and safety simulation DELMIA

Safety is a paramount concern in manufacturing environments. DELMIA’s Factory Automation tools facilitate the assessment of safety risks and the validation of safety measures. Manufacturers can simulate various scenarios to identify potential hazards and ensure that safety protocols are adhered to at every stage of the production process. 

Moreover, compliance with industry standards and regulations is crucial for any manufacturing facility. DELMIA enables companies to validate their processes against relevant standards, ensuring that their operations align with industry requirements and preventing costly non-compliance issues. 

Manufacturing Efficiency with DELMIA’s Factory Automation Tool

DELMIA’s Factory Automation tool is a transformative asset for manufacturers seeking to maximize their equipment investments and improve production efficiency. By streamlining production workflows, optimizing equipment utilization, and enhancing production scheduling, DELMIA allows manufacturers to make data-driven decisions that lead to tangible improvements in their operations. 

Learn More: https://www.gsc-3d.com/3d-design-software/delmia/factory-automation/  

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