Workflow Improvements Every Year

In the last decade, SOLIDWORKS has made large workflow changes that result in efficiency gains for users. If you would like to upgrade your CAD, PDM, DriveWorks, or other systems, please chat with us.

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Areas of Streamlining & Efficiency

Upgrading to 2021 gives you powerful new modeling features: 3D Interconnect removes file translation issues from the design process entirely! User interface improvements over the years make your experience more intuitive with the addition of breadcrumbs, reference visualization arrows, and context-sensitive commands. And finally, SOLIDWORKS can process more operations, and faster. The speed at which you can work with large assemblies and drawings is incredible.

Top 2021 benefits to know

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    Special Emphasis on Quality

    Development team paid special attention to quashing many SPRs

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    New Graphics Pipeline: 3D & 2D Speedier Performance

    3D model and 2D drawing interactive graphics performance even faster

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    Dynamic Resolve in Lightweight Mode

    Subassembly, Part Feature Tree files resolved dynamically and automatically

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    New Detail Mode Capabilities

    Open a drawing of any size lightning-fast; create hole callouts and new views

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    Evaluate Equations Directly in Properties

    Evaluate equations directly in Custom and Cut-List properties

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    Export Interferences to Excel

    Capture interference list into Excel spreadsheet for external review and documentation, with pictures

let us perform the upgrade for you

Why Upgrade? Prevent Slow Performance

We recommend upgrading every 2 years for performance reasons. As a general rule of practice, the software won't work at its optimum performance level if the system isn't updated. Give yourself and your team faster, up-to-date performance.

Need Help? We'll Do It For You

Let us guide you. Whether to a new service pack, or a new version, we have the knowledge and experience you need for a smooth upgrade. We know there are a lot of components to PDM, for example. Let us take over and get you on the latest release.

Ready to upgrade?

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Benefits of our service

  • Optimized & Healthy System

    We will maximize your system performance

  • Easy, Hassle-Free Choice

    Gain peace of mind as you let us handle the complexities of a full upgrade

  • Efficiency Gains

    Be more effective without having invested your own time

  • Minimize Your Down Time

    We can conduct upgrades over weekends and off-hours if desired

  • Experienced at Upgrades

    Our SOLIDWORKS & PDM staff conduct upgrades regularly

  • Certified Staff

    We are trained and certified SOLIDWORKS experts


Dedicated to Your Success

SOLIDWORKS is dedicated to helping you succeed. In fact, 90% of the enhancements for SOLIDWORKS products have been customer drivers.

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