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Your trusted resource for 3D engineering solutions and services for over 30 years.

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Since 1990, our technical experts have assisted companies, like yours, in implementing 3D engineering capabilities for design, simulation, data management, technical documentation, and 3D printing.

From comprehensive consulting services to software and 3D printing solutions, we partner with forward-thinking companies to improve product design and engineering efficiency.

We solve your business challenges

We thrive on identifying and solving your business challenges with customized services to help you reduce costs, shorten product development times, and achieve your business goals faster.

As the leader in customer service, we strive to provide you with the most comprehensive consulting, technical support and training in the industry. As your partner, we truly understand your business’ unique needs, allowing our experts to deliver tailored insights to fuel your success.

From the leading edge to the bottom line and everything in between, GSC has the technologies and insights to drive your 3D business success.

Solutions & services Offered

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and its product suite are known world-wide as easy-to-learn, powerful modeling software. Gain innovative tools to design, manage, and rapidly go to market with your product. 

Unleash new growth and scale production with advanced plastics and metal solutions from Markforged. Each system has reliable material for every stage of the production cycle.

Our services include implementation, consulting, mentoring, productivity skills testing, support, subscription services, software upgrades and much more!

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