Shading in SOLIDWORKS Composer: Sol & Sal Tutorial

Are you taking full advantage of SOLIDWORKS Composer’s tools, such as shading? If you’re not, dive into this story below to learn more about your custom rendering options.

Story Tutorial: Sol & Sal

Well, it’s been a while since we last visited Sol, our veritable expert of all things SOLIDWORKS, and Sal, his somewhat simpler sidekick. And after their recent professional skirmishes and legal close calls, one can only wonder what they’re up to now….

“Hey, Sol, not bad, eh?” Sal smiled and steered Sol’s eyes screenwards.

“Yes, not bad” Sol said, looking at Figure 1.

Figure 1 - SOLIDWORKS Composer Example
Figure 1

“Not bad at all, I think, for my first SOLIDWORKS Composer job! This really is as nice and easy as you told me. And I like easy!”

Sol sighed and scrutinized Sal with a sideways glance, but subsequently softened. “Hey, I have a neat trick for you. Have you thought about having different appearances on different parts?”

“Like one part shaded, another not…like that? But how do you do that? All I saw was one overall selection!’

“Well, Sal, remember individual actors have properties just as the entire scene does…right?”

Sal’s eyes sparkled. “Are you saying that…”

Sol sensed Sal’s steps towards sentience. “Yes, Sal, and here’s how you do it. First, we have to select ‘Custom’ as our Render Mode. Take a look down there at Figure 2.

Figure 2 - SOLIDWORKS Composer Custom Option in Menu
Figure 2

“Now you’ll see that after selecting an actor, such as the car body, it has its own Rendering options. See down there in Figure 3?”

Figure 3 - SOLIDWORKS Composer with Smooth Option Selected in Properties
Figure 3

“Sure do, Sol!” Sal sensed something stupendous was soon to be seen.

Go click where it says ‘Smooth’ and see the other options in the pulldown menu. I suggest selecting ‘Silhoutte’ for the car body!”

“Well, I’ll be…” said Sal, looking down at Figure 4, “you can see all the stuff inside!”

Figure 4 - SOLIDWORKS Composer Example Shaded
Figure 4

“Don’t make a scene, Sal.”


“It was a rendering joke, Sal, get it?”

“Nice! Remind me, Sol, where is it that you’re always getting this great SOLIDWORKS information?”

“Why, GSC’s blog, Sal. GSC’s blog.”

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