SOLIDWORKS PCB Rookie Camp Part III: Fundamentals

PCB Training Camp Part III

If you’ve ever listened to a coach’s press conference, you’ve heard countless cliches about “practicing the fundamentals.” Well, these phrases are cliches because they’re true! Mastering the fundamentals and tuning proper techniques is the first step toward success! In the next part of our series, we tackle some fundamentals you’ll use every day in SOLIDWORKS PCB.

Documentation & Shortcuts

If you’re a free agent just joining the SOLIDWORKS PCB team, you’ll need to learn the lingo and take some time studying the playbook. The online documentation and a quick search shortcut key will have you up and running in no time!

If you’re just getting started in SOLIDWORKS PCB, you’ll have questions about many of the features. The online documentation is available for browsing and reading at any time. However, if you need an explanation on functionality or features on the fly, you can hover over any item on a document and press F1 to go straight to the online documentation for that feature! Let’s get more information on wiring…off-sheet connectors…and anything else you need information on next time you’re working in SOLIDWORKS PCB!

ALT Key Shortcuts

There is no substitution for hard work, grit, and determination on the football field. There are no shortcuts to success. But in SOLIDWORKS PCB, the exact opposite is true. If you’re not using shortcuts, you’re not doing it right! See how you can learn and use shortcuts throughout, make a list as you learn and keep it close by until you’ve mastered your favorites!

Insert Key Shortcut

Get your game up to speed with fewer errors with this shortcut that trims down your clicks, keyboard entries, and typos. When placing an item like a netlabel, off-sheet connector, power port, or any other item, you can “absorb” another object’s texts with this shortcut!


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Evan has over 10 years of experience as an Electrical Applications Engineer. Prior to GSC, he worked as an engineer in the broadcasting field designing panel layouts and schematics/installations for transmitter control systems, as well as network and control layouts for radio studios. Evan is a certified SOLIDWORKS Electrical Trainer and Electrical Applications Engineer (CSWE).

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