I Hired a New Grad! Now What? Find Top 3 Ways to Train & Retain

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You Hired a New Grad. How Do You Make Sure Your New Employee is Productive, and Stays With the Company?

Career fairs, interviews, job offers…finally, you get your new employee, right out of school. Enthusiastic, eager to learn, ready to start a new professional career. Congratulations!

Turnover & Lack of Company Investment

Now, what is your plan for retaining your new employee? The competition is fierce, and your employee won’t stay unless they see a future in the form of career growth and development. The number one reason for quitting a job is lack of career development (2018 Retention Report, Work Institute).

Your Engineering departments can’t afford to lose the time and resources invested in getting new employees up to speed and they can’t afford to start all over again when employees leave. Turnover affects the ability of organizations to sustain growth.

It’s a proven fact that proper training opportunities not only improve employee motivation and engagement but significantly increase productivity and efficiency. This is especially true when talking about technical training.

Top 3 Ways to Train & Retain

SOLIDWORKS Essentials classes provide a great foundation for mechanical designers entering the workforce. Your new employee will be able to:

  1. Apply the same principles and best practices that the rest of your team is already using, helping the consistency in your design process and reducing the mistake rates.
  2. Master the learning curve faster, be productive in a shorter amount of time, and be able to move to more complex applications quicker than expected, thus adding value to your department.
  3. Have a career path of professional growth that will keep their interest and enthusiasm. The new generation of designers are already tech-savvy and technologically bilingual. However, when faced with the real manufacturing world, things like design intent, design for manufacturability and specific processes for each industry have to be learned on the job. 

Our certified instructors have worked with all different verticals within manufacturing and understand the different challenges that students face in their fields. They go beyond teaching a software by giving real tools for the real world.

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Multiple Training Locations & Online Offerings

At GSC, we understand your need to prepare your new designers for Manufacturing 4.0. That’s why we have SOLIDWORKS Essentials classes in all our locations around graduation time. These include Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago, to name a few.

So, let’s make sure your new hires have the best start! See our Training Schedule to sign your employees up for in person classes or online offerings, today.

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