“Ask Me Anything”: Presenting at Engineer 3D!

Another E3D has come and gone. We prepare over a year in advance and it seems to take forever to get here, but then it comes and it’s over in a snap.

Large group of attendees at Engineer 3D!

For someone like me, it’s the best time because I get to do what I love to do: teach! I had seven sessions covering five topics and one session titled “Ask Me Anything,” and they were all great! I saw familiar faces and plenty of new ones. Talking to people between sessions I really got the feeling that this conference matters, that what we are teaching has impact on their lives, and people were so inquisitive and appreciate after every session.

I had wonderful audiences for my sessions! When teaching in a lecture format, you need to get some audience participation to really understand if they are “getting it.” There were questions and comments and answers to my questions in every session. I could see people taking notes, taking pictures, and nodding heads as I taught. As an instructor, that kind of energy is what makes me excited to share. (Applause at the end is always nice too!)

Attendees listening in intently on a session

The new venue was a hit with everyone I talked to. The food was certainly very good, especially that Italian restaurant just about next door to some of the presentation rooms. Good breakfasts (#Baconbrotherhood would approve day 2 especially) and good food during the social event as well. There was plenty of space for people to sit, to gather, to mingle, and to talk. There is room to expand as E3D grows, and I suspect it will!

For someone like me, it’s the best time because I get to do what I love to do: teach!

Because I spent most of my time presenting, I didn’t get much chance to visit the vendors, but when I did, I was amazed with what I saw. Mostly I just watched and listened as they chatted with eager customers happy to find possible solutions for their business. The vendors I talked to certainly seemed happy to be here as well.

John Setzer presenting at Engineer 3D!

I’m not the night owl that my brother Jeff is at these events, but I did enjoy a couple of hours during the social event chomping on sliders and tacos while catching up with some old friends (and distracting and gently heckling Jeff as he tried to play foosball).

I am already looking forward to the next E3D, looking at the feedback and getting ideas for what to do next.

You’ll be educated and energized at our conference like no other this side of SOLIDWORKS World!

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John discovered his love of teaching early in life. He worked his way through college as a youth coach, umpire, and referee before earning his bachelor’s degree in Education. As Training Product Manager at GSC, he has been sharing his SOLIDWORKS wisdom with GSC customers ever since – over 20 years! As the only CSWE with a state certification in teaching, John is well-versed is teaching all types of learning styles.

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