Simulation Software

Design engineers prefer to simulate and analyze design performance before manufacturing. Gain testing against a broad range of parameters including durability, static and dynamic response, motion of assembly, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, and plastics injection molding.

The widest range of powerful tools.

Ensure product robustness. Includes additional tools for simulating nonlinear and dynamic response, dynamic loading, and composite materials.

An efficient, virtual testing environment.

Evaluate structural product performance under a range of physical scenarios through virtual testing.

Enhanced products through structural testing.

Gain an intuitive virtual testing environment for static linear, time-based motion, and high-cycle fatigue simulation.

3D Simulation on screen
Advanced Tools


Avoid manufacturing defects of plastic parts and injection mold designs. Simulate how melted plastic flows during injection molding to predict manufacturing-related defects. Evaluate manufacturability to eliminate costly mold rework and improve part quality.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

Easily simulate fluid flow, heat transfer, and fluid forces in real-world conditions. Run “what if” scenarios and analyze the effects of these forces on immersed or surrounding components.


Motion analysis allows you to easily evaluate how your product will move throughout its operational cycle. With real-world visualization, measure the forces and loads on your design. Address rigid body kinematic or dynamic problems. This is a true physical calculation of forces and motions on an assembly.


SIMULIA Realistic Simulation Solutions

SIMULIA – the easy way to make virtual testing a standard business practice. Further product performance and reduce physical prototypes. SIMULIA offers the following advanced tools:

Abaqus FEATosca





3D Experience

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Prent Case Study:

Analyzing Designs to Increase Strength

Prent Corporation moved to SOLIDWORKS Simulation from Unigraphics. As a global company, they needed streamlined design for their custom packaging supporting medical, electronics, and consumer products industries.


They doubled throughput and saw a significant, similar jump in global sales.

Cycles Devinci Case Study:

Using Virtual Intelligence for Design

As the top producer of bicycles in Canada and a worldwide leader in mountain and road bike manufacturing, Cycles Devinci wanted to leverage simulation tools to reduce weight and improve product performance.


They reduced bicycle frame wight by an average of 25%.


Quickly and easily perform advanced simulation techniques to optimize performance during the design process, allowing you to cut down on costly prototypes and eliminate rework, saving you time and development costs.

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