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Schematic Design Made Easy Now is the perfect time to take a first, or second, or third look at SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic.

Thinking about making a change to your electrical design processes this year? Tune in to see the evolution of SOLIDWORKS Electrical from 2012 to 2020. See why now is the perfect time to adapt a new schematic capture software for your business.

You'll learn:
- Recent major updates to the software
- Downstream productivity enhancements
- Future vision for intelligent schematics integrated into your processes
Apr 13, 202110:30am CDT1 hour
Painless Quality Control with SOLIDWORKS Inspection Join us for an introductory webinar to learn how SOLIDWORKS Inspection can save you time and reduce errors in your Quality Department.
With SOLIDWORKS Inspection, you can automatically balloon entire projects in minutes, easily manage changes and revisions, export to Excel reports, and more!
Apr 20, 202110:00am CDT1 hour
Taking Full Advantage of SOLIDWORKS CAM Work smarter, not harder within SOLIDWORKS CAM. Our CAM specialist will cover tips and tricks to advance your skills, including how to strategically use 3D surfaces. By the end of this webinar, you'll know how to take full advantage of SOLIDWORKS CAM's powerful programming tools.Apr 22, 202110:30am CDT30 minutes
Materials Changing the Additive Landscape 3D printing is changing all manner of manufacturing: from manufacturing aids and advanced prototyping to end-use part creation. We reveal the hidden, not-often shared benefits of incorporating 3D printing such as no-touch time and letting parts print overnight; how operators on the floor can give timely feedback for design changes; and how lightweighting parts without sacrificing strength is common. Learn how Markforged is providing the equipment to change the way we work with the most advanced composite and metal printing technologies available specifically designed for manufacturing environments.Apr 27, 202110:30am CDT1 hour
Introduction to Simulation Are you new to simulation? Come join us for this webinar to see how SOLIDWORKS Simulation products can be leveraged to efficiently evaluate the integrity of your designs all while never leaving your CAD environment. This practical live demonstration will give you a first look into the workflow of how simulation can be used in your new product development process.

Apr 29, 202110:30am CDT1 hour
Advanced Simulation Tools for Optimizing Part Design Today’s consumer demands such as safety, durability, quality, comfort - to name a few - are influencing the products around us. Discover how innovative design exploration leads to virtual design testing and prototypes.

In this webinar, we’ll take a look at real-life products and how they were optimized using simulation results. Highlights include:
- Topology optimization
- Life expectancy
- Shape optimization
Apr 29, 20212:00pm CDT1 hour
Data Management Made Easy Data management doesn't have to be complex! In this introductory webinar, learn how small-to-medium-sized companies can benefit from data management solutions -- and be up and running in as little as one week. We'll discuss how you can leverage the product data you already have to make you more productive, helping you work faster and more accurately. You will learn how to:
-Track design changes effortlessly
-Store revision history automatically
-Avoid creating duplicate files
-Avoid accidental deletions and data loss
May 4, 202110:00am CDT1 hour
Why SOLIDWORKS Plastics? Perfect for Injection Molding: PCI Customer Case Study Plastic Components, Inc. (PCI) is one of the prominent injection molders in the Milwaukee area. Come hear from PCI themselves about how SOLIDWORKS Plastics and their partnership with GSC has helped them provide better service and quality parts to their customers. In this webinar, PCI will discuss in detail how they evaluated these analysis and simulation tools, and ultimately came to the decision of choosing SOLIDWORKS and GSC as strategic partners to their business.
May 11, 202110:30am CDT30 minutes
Going Paperless with SOLIDWORKS MBD Learn how you can use SOLIDWORKS Model-Based Definition (MBD) to communicate Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) in today's digital world. Communicate more coherently than ever before with views that aren't locked to the page. Learn about live rotation, sectioning, markup, and measuring, all from Model-Based Drawings.May 18, 202110:30am CDT1 hour
Changing Manufacturing With Markforged Composites Markforged is uniquely different than any other additive manufacturing technology today. Learn how Markforged additive manufacturing can complement your current workflow, accelerate production, and reduce lead times. Hear how Markforged can easily make your business more flexible in an ever-changing manufacturing landscape and save over 90% on tooling and fixturing costs. This webinar will also cover composite materials.

May 18, 20212:00pm CDT1 hour
Turn Data into Dynamic Graphics with SOLIDWORKS Composer Do you create technical publications, assembly instructions, or operations manuals? SOLIDWORKS Composer is an easy-to-use tool that will help you create powerful and dynamic content for your publications. Together we will learn how SOLIDWORKS Composer easily creates that content, and how to quickly make changes when updates are needed, without having to start over.May 20, 202110:30am CDT1 hour
Power Hour: Creating Animations in SOLIDWORKS Composer Learn how to use SOLIDWORKS Composer to create animations of SOLIDWORKS models. We’ll learn how to work with the timeline and keys to move objects and change appearances to create dynamic animations for instructional and marketing purposes.May 25, 202110:00am CDT1 hour
Power Hour: Decals in Visualize In this session, we’ll learn to create and apply decals in SOLIDWORKS Visualize, exploring mapping and other options to apply art to your models. We’ll explore settings like blend texture and alpha, as well as an application or two for decals you may not have thought of. After all, decals aren’t about making “stickers;” they showcase your brand to consumers! May 27, 202110:00am CDT1 hour
Art to Part - Lifecycle Through to 3D Printing This session follows a one-off part through design to 3D printing. Once it receives the go-ahead the part is given to the 3D printing team for prototyping and production using Markforged printers.

This custom tool is sent through an in-house design and production process; see firsthand with this example how manufacturers are reducing tooling and fixturing lead times from weeks to hours, and costs by as much as 90%. After attending you will likely recognize one (or more!) areas your own workflows can be streamlined and improved with a few key tools.
Jun 17, 202110:30am CDT1 hour

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