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Power Hour: Mating Shortcuts Creating assembly mates is something we do every day. Did you know there are a number of shortcuts to make this easier? Learn how to create mates via drag-and-drop, multi-selection, and even “pre-define” mate preferences for models. Create several mates at one time to a common reference, create mates as you copy components, and quickly see all the mates in your assembly organized by component or just for one selected component and it’s mated components. Plenty of tips to make you a SOLIDWORKS mating wizard! Intermediate level.Jun 15, 20212:00pm CDT1 hour
Art to Part - Lifecycle of a Part This session follows a one-off part through design to 3D printing. Once it receives the go-ahead the part is given to the 3D printing team for prototyping and production using Markforged printers.

This custom tool is sent through an in-house design and production process; see firsthand with this example how manufacturers are reducing tooling and fixturing lead times from weeks to hours, and costs by as much as 90%. After attending you will likely recognize one (or more!) areas your own workflows can be streamlined and improved with a few key tools.

* The first 50 registrants to this webinar can receive a complimentary 3D printed soft jaw, which is featured in the presentation. If you'd like a soft jaw part send to you, please provide a mailing address upon registering.
Jun 17, 202110:30am CDT1 hour
Power Hour: Sketching Tips and Tricks Do you ever feel you’ve jumped into the “deep end” and missed many of the basics? This Sketching Tips and Tricks presentation might seem to be for beginners but many tell us otherwise. Join us for this educational Power Hour as we work our way up from fundamental best practices into the newest sketching and dimensioning shortcuts. Beginner/Intermediate levelJun 17, 20212:00pm CDT1 hour
Power Hour: Introduction to Simulation Come experience this quick start training that will give you the tools necessary to start validating your own products. SOLIDWORKS Simulation offers robust, easy-to-use FEA that can help get a jump on better understanding your designs.
Topics include:​
-Contact Types​
-Forces & Fixtures​
-Results Post Processing
Jun 22, 202110:30am CDT1 hour
Power Hour: Intro to Surfacing Have you always wanted to try surfacing but you weren’t sure where to start? This session will teach you the basics of working with surfaces In SOLIDWORKS. You’ll walk away with a new confidence in your ability to use these valuable tools. Intermediate level.Jun 28, 20212:00pm CDT1 hour
Power Hour: Mechanical Mates and More Will your assembly act as desired? How will you know? Put SOLIDWORKS to work for you in this educational Power Hour as we learn to not only assemble parts, but capture behavior, design intent, and kinematic motion. Intermediate/AdvancedJun 30, 20212:00pm CDT1 hour
Why SOLIDWORKS Plastics? Perfect for Injection Molding: PCI Customer Case Study Plastic Components, Inc. (PCI) is one of the prominent injection molders in the Milwaukee area. Come hear from PCI themselves about how SOLIDWORKS Plastics and their partnership with GSC has helped them provide better service and quality parts to their customers. In this webinar, PCI will discuss in detail how they evaluated these analysis and simulation tools, and ultimately came to the decision of choosing SOLIDWORKS and GSC as strategic partners to their business.
Jul 13, 202110:30am CDT30 minutes
Fluid Dynamics During Intubation Learn how SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation helped evaluate and perform several design iterations of the development of an intubation chamber for medical personnel. Jul 20, 202110:30am CDT1 hour
Data Management Made Easy Data management doesn't have to be complex! In this introductory webinar, learn how small-to-medium-sized companies can benefit from data management solutions -- and be up and running in as little as one week. We'll discuss how you can leverage the product data you already have to make you more productive, helping you work faster and more accurately. You will learn how to:
-Track design changes effortlessly
-Store revision history automatically
-Avoid creating duplicate files
-Avoid accidental deletions and data loss
Jul 20, 20212:00pm CDT1 hour
Introduction to Simulation Are you new to simulation? Come join us for this webinar to see how SOLIDWORKS Simulation products can be leveraged to efficiently evaluate the integrity of your designs all while never leaving your CAD environment. This practical live demonstration will give you a first look into the workflow of how simulation can be used in your new product development process.

Jul 27, 202110:30am CDT1 hour

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