13 Spookily Good Events Not to Miss This Manufacturing Month

Yes, you read that right!

October is Manufacturing Month in Wisconsin, and although our reach extends beyond Wisconsin, we embrace the extra attention heaped upon Manufacturing and the creative tools, processes, and collaborations steadily improving the art of making great design.

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Our 3D Printing Events

Please note that while these events have concluded, we will offer these webinars in the future (please bookmark our events page) and we can also schedule a one-on-one session with our experts if you are interested in getting started with 3D printing or expanding your printing capabilities.

  • October 8th
    • Considerations When Finishing Printed Multi Jet Fusion Orthotics, Prosthetics, Event Completed
  • October 14th
    • Markforged Siemens Energy Panel: Giving Traditional Supply Chain an Upgrade, Event Completed
    • Incorporating Color 3D Printing Into Your Business, Event Completed
  • October 15th
    • Introduction to HP 3D Printing & Multi Jet Fusion Tech, Event Completed
  • October 20th
    • CEO Chat: Caldwell Manufacturing & How Additive Kept Business Running, Event Completed
  • October 27th
    • Producing Gas Masks for Milwaukee Police with 3D Printing, Event Completed
  • October 29th
    • Markforged’s 3D Printing Applications & Case Studies, Event Completed
    • Making Your Supply Chain More Robust with HP Multi Jet Fusion Tech, Event Completed
Markforged 3D Printing technology is renown for their affordable entry price and range of materials.
Our 3D Printing Showroom is available for private tours during this time – just let us know if you’re interested!

Our Design for Manufacturing Events (CAM, 3D Scanning, & More)

Please note that while these events have concluded, we will offer these webinars in the future (please bookmark our events page) and we can also schedule a one-on-one session with our experts if you are interested in getting started with designing for manufacturing through CAM and other tools.

  • October 12th
    • Power Hour: 3D Scanning – How Engineers Can Use Scan Data, Event Completed 
  • October 15th 
    • Taking Full Advantage of SOLIDWORKS CAM, Event Completed
  • October 20th
    • Art to Part – Lifecycle of a Part from Design to Print, Event Completed
  • October 26th
    • Power Hour: 3D Milling & CAMWorks Multi-Surface Strategies, Event Completed
  • October 29th
    • Power Hour: Breaking Down 5th Axis Milling in CAMWorks, Event Completed 

Sessions Not to Miss?

All of our sessions offer value, and each description is available on the session page. Here are a few session descriptions not to miss:

Intro to HP 3D Printing

Learn how the most advanced additive manufacturing technology to date is changing the way end-use parts are being created worldwide, right now. See how HP’s revolutionary multi jet fusion technology is able to replace expensive and timely injection mold creation for Nylon, TPU, and now Polypropylene parts! Get real parts in-hand in days or hours, as well as provide fully functional, full-color prototypes the likes of which the industry has never seen.

Producing Gas Masks for MPD with 3D Printing

Proving the rapid manufacturing prowess of the HP multi jet fusion additive manufacturing solution, learn how GSC was able to rapidly design, prototype and manufacture completely custom PPE for the Milwaukee Police Department. During peak shortages of traditional equipment availability, GSC was able to outfit over 700 officers with life saving protection in 1 week with the most advanced additive manufacturing technology available today.

Applications & Case Studies with Markforged 3D Printing

This webinar will discuss a variety of Markforged manufacturing use cases and applications. Learn how local businesses are using Markforged parts to save time and money while winning more business and identify key areas where Markforged can help business starting on day one.

Power Hour: 3D Scanning

From Reverse Engineering to Quality Control, more and more companies are finding innovative uses for modern 3D scanners. Along with these new opportunities come new challenges in processing vast amounts of data into a usable form. Join us for a beginner-level introduction to using SOLIDWORKS, along with a few other programs, to simplify and digest scan data into a form engineers can use.

Art to Part – Lifecycle of a Part

This session follows a one-off part through the entire SOLIDWORKS production spectrum, from Design to Simulation through photo-realistic renderings. Once it receives the go-ahead the part is given to the 3D printing team for prototyping and production using Markforged and HP printers. After attending you will likely recognize one (or more!) areas your own workflows can be streamlined and improved with a few key tools.

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