SOLIDWORKS Electrical Spring Training Series: Part 1

Welcome to GSC’s SOLIDWORKS Electrical Spring Training!

Aerial of baseball game and field

Spring is in the air…not actually in the arctic-tinged air where another groundhog prediction of 2 weeks of spring was woefully inaccurate (a foot of snow covers every inch of ground in Wisconsin) but further to the south, in Arizona, where the Cactus league ramps up as Pitchers and Catchers report. That’s where my favorite team, the Milwaukee Brewers, are building on what was their most memorable season since ‘82, an astonishing run that left them one game shy of entering the World Series! It was a season that saw them defy every prediction and expectation, with some savvy offseason signings, unusual strategy, and all-out spine-tingling big time moments!

In case you missed the action in 2018, despite predictions of a middling .500 record, Milwaukee possessed the BEST record in the National League enroute to punching their ticket to the playoffs IN St. Louis, and then claiming the division in an intense one game playoff AT Wrigley field, taking down their 2 biggest rivals at their place! The team’s big offseason acquisition paid off big time, as Christian Yelich forged an MVP season, carrying the team to game 7 of the NLCS. Can they build on that stunning season?

It all starts at Spring Training, as the players get to work tuning every element of their game, from the simplest fundamentals they picked up in Little League to the latest analytic-driven techniques. At GSC, we’re here to help you step your game up for a best-ever year, and these fundamentals and new methods will help you do so with our SOLIDWORKS Electrical Spring Training!

Interface Configuration – Home Field Advantage

If you’re going to go far, you have to win at home! And every corner of your home field should be to your strengths and standards. Let’s take a look at a few ideas to help you perform at your best with some tweaks to get your interface feeling more like home!

Watch now to customize your interface configuration to match your preferences. We’ll also look back at how to set up your keyboard shortcuts.


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