SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM)

Synchronize design and collaboration across your entire enterprise. Our Data Management experts can help you automate your processes.


SOLIDWORKS PDM (Product Data Management) offers users of all organizational sizes the version control, collaboration, and product data storage solutions they require to succeed across all design process aspects. Product Data Management adds integral structure to your team’s efforts at data management, version tracking, and real-time data governance.

SOLIDWORKS PDM can be leveraged to improve collaboration within an organization’s team, but it also helps businesses work with partner organizations and outside contractors with greater ease, too. PDM systems also assist brands in their automation efforts, reducing errors in manufacturing and tracking changes in the design layout automatically.


CAD Data Management, Done Your Way

Are you in control of your design process, or is it controlling you and your team? Put an end to data chaos; be fully in control, knowing you are always working on the latest, most up-to-date file. Whether on the desktop or in the cloud, we have a solution to help you.


Cloud Product Data Management

No need to purchase hardware or install software

No dependency on IT staff for system maintenance & upgrades

Access data from anywhere with a web browser


Desktop Product Data Management

In-house hardware and software completely managed by internal IT infrastructure

Full data access control for companies that need to meet specific regulations

Configure when upgrades or backups are performed to the system


Not sure whether a cloud-based or on-premises data management solution is right for your team?  Download our feature matrix to compare desktop and cloud options.



Are you struggling with data overload? Put an end to the chaos and maximize the value of your data. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how your company can benefit from data management solutions and be up and running in as little as a week.  

What is Product Data Management?

Product Data Management is a software package that allows organizations to securely and efficiently store and recall key product information at all times. The toolset allows multiple users to access and manage master data, as well as new and updated versions of product information.

In engineering and design teams, the use of PDM tools is crucial because users are constantly involved in tweaking the parameters of a product to ensure that accuracy and efficiency are maintained throughout the development of new features.


Studies indicate that engineers who don’t work with Product Data Management systems are forced to dedicate as much as 25% more time and effort to data management tasks that take away from their productivity. This means that organizations can make themselves far more efficient by simply implementing a PDM system into their workflow. These tools make saving and finding essential files far simpler. Moreover, teams that don’t work in the same physical location won’t be hamstrung by local storage solutions and collaboration issues.

Working within the native PDM environment also ensures that your data quality will improve. Saving and storing all of your files within a central repository ensures that team members across the organization are utilizing best practices for data creation and alteration, further improving organizational efficiency as a byproduct.

Do I Need Data Management?

Proactively transform your data from a liability to an asset. Discover what data management can do for you.

exalead onepart

Using a simple search, find and reuse existing parts, designs, and documentation. It's like using search in a browser. 

  • ERP Data Integration
  • 3D Feature Mining
  • CAD Agnostic

SOLIDWORKS Manage extends SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional with record-based data management, utilizing its file management features and introducing robust project, process, and item management capabilities, along with interactive dashboards and reports

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