Data Management

Synchronize design and collaboration across your entire enterprise. Our Product Data Management (PDM) staff expertly automate your processes.

The Intuitive & Proactive Choice

Your design data plays an integral role in your day-to-day business. We create a test environment to identify any potential issues before actual implementation.



Training From the Trenches

We also customize training using a duplicated environment so that your team can take full advantage of the tool immediately.


Full-featured data management for organizations large and small.


Easily manage SOLIDWORKS data in a collaborative environment.

Benefits That Engineers Love

How do you collectively manage your data? What do you do when there's an explosion of design changes in a short amount of time? We've seen that many designers copy entire projects and create redundant data, causing confusion for their coworkers. There's a better way.

Introduce PDM to your team and receive:

  • Centralized vault for cross-organization access
  • Easily-set security and permissions for files
  • Tracking for design iterations and design history
  • Easily scalable tool, and CAD agnostic
  • Notifications and prompts for intuitive next steps
  • Automatic file indexing
  • Powerful preview tools
  • Very robust API
  • A way to finally declutter your everyday work environment

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PDM Manage

Smarter data management for your team.

Project Management
Process Management
Dashboard and Reports

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Find and reuse existing parts, designs, and documentation.

ERP Data Integration
3D Feature Mining
CAD Agnostic

Manage 2021: New Features & Added Benefits

Managing multiple projects is commonplace for people who use SOLIDWORKS Manage. New in 2021, SOLIDWORKS introduced Project Lists, Automatic Project Updates, additional Project Data Visualization, and much more!

Find the Best Fit

Get the function you need in your budget.

Proper Engineering Practices & Data Management

A product data management (PDM) system, such as SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard, Professional, or Manage, facilitates the process in which models and drawings require a revision or minor change. A workflow is a pathway for which engineering documents are managed in their life cycle. 

Control Your Design Process

Are you controlling your design process, or is it controlling you and your team? Bretford, a furniture manufacturer, found that SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional let them be fully in control because they knew they were always working on the latest, most up-to-date file.

The notification process is much more intuitive as well, looping in engineers on when a design goes to its next state. This makes your teams highly aware and on the same page with all documentation.

Why Choose GSC?

Our mission is to fuel your success. We learn your business processes, and then offer solutions to drive enterprise-wide success. We equip your staff with comprehensive training, from hands-on classroom experiences to webinars and online training. Let us show you why we've been recognized by SOLIDWORKS for top customer retention for 17 years in a row.