Reliable material for every stage of the production cycle.

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A2 Tool Steel

Universal cold work steel

ULTEM 9085 Filament

ULTEM™ 9085 Filament

Flame-retardant, high-performance material

Precise PLA

Precise PLA

Plastic PLA (Polylactic Acid) Material

Carbon Fiber FR-A Filament

A flame-retardant variant ready for aerospace

Onyx FR-A Filament

Flame-retardant, carbon-fiber filled nylon that’s aerospace-ready

D2 Tool Steel Material

D2 Tool Steel

High hardness and compressive strength steel

Onyx ESD Filament

An ESD-safe onyx, static-dissipative, for on-demand tooling

Nylon White Filament

Stronger, stiffer, and more reliable than our original Nylon material

Onyx FR Filament

Flame-retardant, light weight, and high strength

Inconel 625 Filament

Superalloy highly resistant to corrosion, high temps

Copper Filament

High thermal and electrical conductivity

Onyx Filament

Onyx Filament

Nylon mix with chopped carbon

Materials - Carbon Fiber Part featured image

Carbon Fiber Filament

Aluminum strength—half the weight

Kevlar Filament

Kevlar Filament

Lightweight, durable, and strong

Fiberglass Filament

Fiberglass Filament

Reinforced fiber strength

Tooling Tool Example

HSHT Fiberglass Filament

Strength at high temperatures

H13 Tool Steel Part

H13 Tool Steel

Optimized for high temperature and wear applications


17-4 PH Stainless Steel

Manufacturing-ready metal, good for replacement parts