Digiscope Adapter For The AWB OneSky

Digiscope Adapter For The AWB OneSky

When I first heard that the SOLIDWORKS 2019 Rollout would be centered on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope’s new project, I knew I wanted to expand on the astronomy message in my presentation, which you can see in our on-demand webinar.

If you attended the live sessions, you also know that at each one we gave away a OneSky telescope from Astronomers Without Borders. All of the drawing winners were very enthusiastic, and it felt great to know all the money we spent on these prizes went to support STEM education around the world. But I wanted to do more to help AWB, so I re-designed my personal digiscope adapter to fit the OneSky telescope. You can see the details of this story in my video.

Here, then, is the STL file of the new adapter, along with an instruction sheet, suitable for printing on any 3D printer anywhere in the world. It fits the “Super 10mm” eyepiece supplied with the telescope – just roll down the rubber eyecup and push this adapter onto the top of the eyepiece until it’s all the way installed. This is our gift to the AWB OneSky community – no charge!

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