SOLIDWORKS CAM uses rules-based machining to enhance the programming process. CAMWorks is a software for machine tools that’s fully integrated, associative, and feature-based.

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Advanced, smart manufacturing through an integrated CAM. Machine faster and faster capture with re-use of programming.

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Rules-based machining with extended programming capabilities. This advanced program allows for larger production runs and high-speed machining.

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Quickly program individual parts built to company standards. Gain rules-based machining without leaving SOLIDWORKS.

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Rules-based machining follows your company’s best practices established through past programming. Couple this with Automatic Feature Recognition, and your business can automatically apply standard strategies to estimate machining time and setups required.

CAMWorks 2019 Features

Learn more about CAMWorks Shopfloor, a data management solution; CAMWorks Additive, for metal 3D printing entirely within the SOLIDWORKS platform; and Eureka Virtual Machine Simulation, for simulation purposes (move robotic arms in a virtual world!).

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