We’re Headed to Illinois: SOLIDWORKS 2020 Premieres Continue

Our SOLIDWORKS 2020 Premieres are on a roll! This is where we teach you about the new user-requested features in SOLIDWORKS 2020. We cover the improved performance and quality enhancements SOLIDWORKS has seen value in, and invested heavily in, that make our hearts sing. Specifically, the heart of one Jeff Setzer.

If you haven’t been following along, Jeff’s excitement over the new release is palpable. He’s detailed some of his favorite enhancements on our blog, even though he had a hard time picking his top 5.

As Technology Evangelist, Jeff loves showing off everything SOLIDWORKS, and has been working with SOLIDWORKS since its first release in 1995.

Jeff and our team have been traveling across Wisconsin, and have visited a range of cities from Milwaukee, to Wausau, Eau Claire, Onalaska, Green Bay, and Madison. Up next is Peoria, IL.

What a Premiere Looks Like

What do you get out of these events? Jeff’s 2 hour presentation comes directly from his perspective as a user. He goes into detail on the functionality and time-savings behind the most valuable improvements.

This is Jeff’s passion, and it shows. Eric Beatty, of OMAX Corp, whom SOLIDWORKS has chosen and highlighted for this particular release, tweeted about Jeff.

As an innovative company leveraging SOLIDWORKS 2020 to key competitive advantage, OMAX is a perfect example of a company finding immense value in the latest release. (OMAX provides high-end abrasive waterjet machines that can cut through almost any material. As a company constantly evolving its products, they’re seeking to increase performance and stay ahead of competition).

An example of OMAX Corp’s Abrasive Waterjet machines

After Jeff’s interactive presentation (questions welcome), lunch is provided and networking is encouraged. A few of our venues even include additional entertainment such as trying a few swings at Top Golf (our Wood Dale Premiere).

Unique Venues & Geographic Reach

We travel to you! Our goal is to make it convenient and entertaining for you to learn more about SOLIDWORKS and see what value-adds it offers. To do so, we’ve already made it to a few eccentric venues.


Milwaukee SOLIDWORKS 2020 Premiere
Potawatomi Hotel & Casino

Eau Claire


Collage of SOLIDWORKS 2020 Rollout Photos in Wausau
Jefferson Street Inn


Collage of Photos from the SOLIDWORKS 2020 Premiere in Onalaska
Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center

Green Bay

Collage of Photos of the SOLIDWORKS 2020 Premiere at the National Railroad Museum
The National Railroad Museum


Collage of Photos from the SOLIDWORKS 2020 Premiere in Madison
Lussier Family Heritage Center at Lake Farm Country Park

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