Protect Your Design Data with Ease: The Benefits of SOLIDWORKS Data Management Solutions

SOLIDWORKS data management solutions

We’ve all been there. You open up your designs, and suddenly you’re missing a file. Or maybe you’re getting conflicting information about the latest version of the design. How many times have you lost an important file?

There are so many things that can go wrong when it comes to keeping track of your design files—and the costs of these mistakes can be significant. Designers, engineers, and CAD managers know the headaches around managing design files, especially when a design has been changed, as new features are added or updated, and old versions of files go missing or regenerated.

With SOLIDWORKS Data Management Solutions, you can control your data from beginning to end. With the right SOLIDWORKS Data Management Solution, you can:

  • Protects your valuable design assets
  • Facilitates secure collaboration through centralized file storage and electronic workflow
  • Manages your product revisions and track changes more effectively
  • Controls access to sensitive product information with secure file vaulting
  • Quickly generates compliance documents and increases operational efficiency

What are the Real Costs of Losing Data?

Ready to take control of your product data so you can focus on innovation? Click below to download the infographic, What are the Real Costs of Losing Data, and learn how SOLIDWORKS PDM can help.

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