White Paper: Welcome Electrical Users to SOLIDWORKS Schematics

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SOLIDWORKS Schematics – What’s in a Name?

SOLIDWORKS is one of the most recognizable brands in the engineering design marketplace, famous for being an intuitive 3D design tool with a network of users and re-sellers that are second to none. In fact, SOLIDWORKS found early success in the 3D design marketplace by converting 2D mechanical drawings to 3D parametric models.

Back in 2012, SOLIDWORKS announced a new portfolio product, SOLIDWORKS Electrical – a product on a new frontier for SOLIDWORKS, electrical engineering. SOLIDWORKS Electrical brought parametric design to electrical schematics. Intelligent schematics are the backbone of this new technology named SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic. Along with this intelligent schematic technology, SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D brought opportunity to unify and collaborate cross-functionally across many manufacturing engineering environments.

Discover more as our Electrical Engineering team unveils what makes SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics fundamentally irreplaceable — from intuitive and familiar platforms, intelligent design, a networked community, and much more.


Meet the Author

Clare Schaeffer

As Applications Engineering Director with a background in Electrical Engineering, Clare leverages SOLIDWORKS Electrical to save her customers time. She's had experience in the “trenches” as a design engineer for new product development, including circuit boards, prior to joining GSC. She has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Valparaiso University and is a certified SOLIDWORKS (CSWS-MD) and Electrical Specialist (CSWS-E).

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