SOLIDWORKS Electrical Spring Training Series: Part 4

This blog is Part 4 in our SOLIDWORKS Electrical (SWE) Spring Training video series. For videos 1 – 3 with tips and tricks, please visit:

Black Box Feature & Manual Parts – Off Season Additions

Closeup of player's clasped hands

For teams in the off season, the evaluation has to be made: are we ready to win now or are we piling up young talent? In a win-now mode, teams are looking to plug in veteran talent that may only be useful for that year to try to push them over the edge.

Sometimes the team unearths a gem, and that player turns into a long-term solution with a contract extension. In SOLIDWORKS Electrical we can build one-time symbols for use in a project using the black box feature, and if needed make those one-time additions a permanent fixture on your roster…or library.

Watch now to see how the black box feature can be used to your advantage.


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Evan Stanek

Evan has over 10 years of experience as an Electrical Applications Engineer. Prior to GSC, he worked as an engineer in the broadcasting field designing panel layouts and schematics/installations for transmitter control systems, as well as network and control layouts for radio studios. Evan is a certified SOLIDWORKS Electrical Trainer and Electrical Applications Engineer (CSWE).

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