Where Did My Error Messages Go? Sol & Sal Give Answers in this SOLIDWORKS Tutorial

SOLIDWORKS User at computer

It seems like quite a while since Sol, our salutary SOLIDWORKS specialist, and Sal, Sol’s sometimes supplementary surrogate, were seen in the GSC blog, “Sol & Sal Share Sheet Metal Style Secrets.” Oh, wait…it has been a while! Yet, we continually hear voices from their cubicles…just what are they up to?

“Oh, rats!”

Sol glanced over at his faithful yet obviously distraught friend. “What’s the matter, Sal?”

“Oh, the computer is, you know, doing stuff to me again!”

“Um, just what kind of stuff do you mean, Sal?”

“You know! Like, dialog boxes, and warning messages that used to be there – now they’re gone! All gone!”

“Sal, Sal, Sal,” Sol sympathetically sighed as his smoldering sidekick Sal stammered sardonically. “Remember what I’ve told you, like, a hundred times now?”

“This isn’t about emptying the coffee pot at night, again, is it, Sol? Because…” Sal’s voice trailed off.

“No, Sal, not this time. I meant how computers really, really just do what we tell them to do, as hard as it is to believe sometimes.”

“So, Sol…your point is?”

“Well, are you ever working in SOLIDWORKS, and have a warning message come up, like for instance, the one that warns you about not finding the files you need?”

“Do you mean like the one you’re about to show me, in Figure 1?”

SOLIDWORKS Pop-up with checkbox to Not Show Again
Figure 1

“Yes, Sal,” Sol surreptitiously sighed as Sal surveyed the screen. “Do you see that little ‘Don’t show again’ checkbox in the corner? Do you ever click those boxes?”

“All the time! Hey…waiddaminute….” Sal suddenly shone with the serene satisfaction of someone sussing seemingly not-so-subtle certainties. Searchingly, he said to Sol, “I’m the one doing it, aren’t I?”

“Si, señor,” said Sol succinctly. “Would you like to know how to fix the problem?”

Sal looked at Sol. “I feel a Figure 2 coming on, immediately below this line. Am I right?”

SOLIDWORKS System Options - Messages / Errors / Warnings
Figure 2

“Certainly,” said Sol. “It’s easy. Just go into the Options, as above, and check the boxes you’d like to reappear.”

“Hey, that was easy! Man, oh, man, where do you learn all these cool tips and tricks, Sol?”

“Why, the GSC blog, Sal. The GSC blog.”

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