SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Modeling Software

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD is known world-wide as an easy-to-learn, powerful modeling software. 

Our most robust 3D design solution.

Make your 3D design experience the most productive. Gain industry-leading part, assembly, and drawing capabilities with built-in simulation, cost estimation, rendering, animation, and product data management.

SOLIDWORKS Professional
A powerful 3D design suite.

Get all the power of the SOLIDWORKS Standard package, plus additional capabilities to collaborate between ECAD and MCAD systems, automate cost estimates, check designs and drawings, and gain an advanced library and renderings.

Easy-to-use, essential software.

Create fully detailed parts, assemblies, and production-level drawings, plus generate complex surfaces, sheet metal flat patterns, and structural welded assemblies.

SOLIDWORKS 2023 Premiere

Learn the new user-requested features in SOLIDWORKS 2023 as well as improved performance and quality enhancements.

9 Criteria for Choosing a 3D CAD System

Identify which capabilities and characteristics are important to you and your organization in choosing your 3D CAD Software.


If you want capable, efficient 3D modeling, as well as integrated systems, look no further.

Find the Best Fit

Get the function you need in your budget.

Gain innovative tools to design, manage, and rapidly go to market with your product.
GSC is your choice for certified SOLIDWORKS expertise in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Upper Michigan.

Why Prent chose solidworks

We found the SOLIDWORKS environment to be a better solution for several reasons. SOLIDWORKS is easier to use. In fact, a lot of engineers right out of college know how to use it, which reduces training requirements. It's better for integrating with our customers and partners, and provides the integrated design, analysis, and PDM tools that we need at the best price.

Steve Zimmerman, CIO

Prent Corp.

Getting these systems in place has added speed, accuracy, and alignment to our workflow on a global scale. Most importantly, we're now able to consistently rely on 'one version of truth' within our database.

Jesse Winker, Product Development

Prent Corp.

GSC has been a great partner. They're consistent in how they help us acquire, train, and improve our SOLIDWORKS use and related tools. We've made an excellent investment for our organization.

Steve Zimmerman, CIO

Prent Corp.

Design for Plastic Thermoform Packaging

Prent Corporation moved to SOLIDWORKS from Unigraphics. As a global, 600-person company, they needed automated, streamlined design for their custom packaging supporting medical, electronics, and consumer products industries.


They doubled throughput and saw a significant, similar jump in global sales.

Upgrading From 2D to 3D Helps You Succeed

No matter what you design, moving to 3D will help you do a better job. It's that plain and simple. You automatically generate time, cost, and material savings by expanding into this technology.


Learn how moving to 3D is easier, and more productive, than you think.

Benefits of Training

Certified, comprehensive training for your engineering team with ongoing programs.
We offer classroom and online formats, as well as in custom options we build for you.
Learn from our experts to make the most efficient use of your SOLIDWORKS investment.

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Our mission is to fuel your success. We learn your business processes, and then offer solutions to drive enterprise-wide success. We equip your staff with comprehensive training, from hands-on classroom experiences to webinars and online training. Let us show you why we've been recognized by SOLIDWORKS for top customer retention for 17 years in a row.