Top 10 Sessions Not to Miss at Engineer 3D! Conference

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What’s E3D?

E3D! (Engineer 3D!) is the largest 3D engineering technology conference in the Midwest, and it’s coming up October 2-3 at the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino in Milwaukee, WI. Register today to take part!

What Kind of Training Will I Get?

Featuring 80+ educational sessions and hands-on workshops, we offer 8 technical training tracks for you to grow your skills: Mechanical Design, 3D Printing, Simulation, Electrical Design, Product Data Management (PDM), Automation, Communications, and Talent Management.

Top 10 Sessions

We’ve compiled our Top 10 Recommended Sessions for you to attend:

1. Closing the Manufacturing Loop Using SOLIDWORKS CAM & Inspection

Ensure the design intent of a part is reliably translated at every manufacturing stage. Learn how Model Based Definition (MBD) allows modelers to assign tolerances, how SOLIDWORKS CAM uses that info to develop machining strategies, and how SOLIDWORKS Inspection ensures each part is within spec.

Track: Communications
Designed For: Beginner to Intermediate Users
Session Number: Breakout 6
Session Date & Time: Day 2, 10/3, 9:45 am

2. DriveWorks: Development, Test & Production Environments

Leverage the power of this data management tool to explore development, test and production environments. This is part of our technical training and development track, Automation, new this year!

Track: Automation
Designed For: Any Attendee
Session Number: Breakout 3
Session Date & Time: Day 1, 10/2, 1:15 pm

3. Markforged & HP Technical Training Sessions for 3D Printing

Our partners, Markforged and HP, provide advanced 3D printing technologies, and will present on topics related to their specialties. Experts from each partner are flying in to present and guest-speak. Sessions are forthcoming. A few differentiators each provider is known for include:

  • Markforged’s Metal 3D Printing
  • Markforged’s Carbon Fiber Reinforcement in Composite Materials
  • Markforged’s Blacksmith AI, for adaptive “smart” manufacturing
  • HP’s Multijet Fusion (MJF) Technology, allowing continuous printing
  • HP’s MJF tech provides full-color, same-day parts, and incredibly high material re-use

Track: 3D Printing
Designed For: Any Attendee
Sessions: Both Days, Info Forthcoming

4. Simulation-Driven Product Development at GE Health Care

GE Healthcare Anesthesia and Respiratory Care (ARC) Group is using SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation’s free surface capabilities to model the filling process of transferring anesthesia agent from a sealed bottle to its vaporizer. Their objective is to optimize the liquid flow and gas exchange paths via CFD virtual prototyping.

Track: Simulation
Designed For: Any Attendee
Session Number: Breakout 9
Session Date & Time: Day 2, 10/3, 2:30 pm

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5. Understanding 3D Interconnect

SOLIDWORKS offers a revolutionary new technology for users to use native third-party CAD data directly in your designs. Learn about this technology in-depth, and examine how it positively impacts your workflows.

Track: Mechanical Design
Designed For: Intermediate SOLIDWORKS Users
Session Number: Breakout 6
Session Date & Time: Day 2, 10/3, 9:45 am

6. Ask Me Anything – SOLIDWORKS Electrical / PCB

Pick the brains of our resident experts and get your burning SOLIDWORKS Electrical and PCB questions answered once and for all.

Track: Electrical Design
Designed For: Electrical & PCB Users
Session Number: Breakout 5
Session Date & Time: Day 1, 10/2, 3:45 pm

7. PDM In The Cloud

Cloud-based PDM installations can be more cost-effective and easier to manage compared to on-premise resources. Learn proper system configurations for off-premise (via VPN) and hybrid PDM installations, the benefits of PDM Administration as a service, and a sample cost and performance comparison of the three major cloud service providers (Amazon, Microsoft, and Google).

Track: Product Data Management (PDM)
Designed For: PDM Users
Session Number: Breakout 6
Session Date & Time: Day 2, 10/3, 9:45 am

8. Customizing SOLIDWORKS

Increase your productivity with SOLIDWORKS customizations. Learn how to customize everything from your menus and toolbars to your shortcuts.

Track: Mechanical Design
Designed For: All SOLIDWORKS Users
Session Number: Breakout 9
Session Date & Time: Day 2, 10/3, 2:30 pm

Attendees at the 2017 Engineer 3D! Conference

9. CAMWorks for Mill-Turn

With increased adoption of Mill-Turn machinery, learn how to program this hybrid technology using CAMWorks Milling Professional, entirely within the SOLIDWORKS interface.

Track: Communications
Designed For: Experts
Session Number: Breakout 9
Session Date & Time: Day 2, 10/3, 2:30 pm

10. SIMULIA: SOLIDWORKS Structural Professional Engineer with Abaqus Nonlinear Solver

SOLIDWORKS Simulation is an extremely powerful tool that is able to analyze 75-85% of the worlds structural problems…Abaqus has the Solvers to handle the remaining 15-25%. We’ll explore the process of thermoforming, simulating heavy distortion and damage, and high speed movements caused by impact or some form of shock loading.

Track: Simulation
Designed For: Intermediate
Session Number: Breakout 7
Session Date & Time: Day 2, 10/3, 11 am

For More Information

Like one of these sessions or training tracks? Register today to take part! We’re always available over the phone at 888-955-6168, or, if you don’t have time for a phone call, we can take submitted inquiries online.

E3D is a two-day event that regularly attracts hundreds of engineers and technology leaders seeking to grow their SOLIDWORKS skills, 3D printing and engineering knowledge. Learn more in our Keynote Speakers blog or Event Announcement.

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