The Blind Can See With 3D Printing

Stratsasys 3D Printer: Dimension 1200es

Beyond Vision: Who They Are

As a provider of manufacturing and business services, Beyond Vision is committed to providing employment to the visually impaired.

Improved Process Using a Stratasys 3D Printer

By utilizing in-house 3D printing, Beyond Vision is creating mistake-proof fixtures to further accommodate their visually impaired employees. With fully functional 3D printed parts, employees are able to:

  • Test the fit, form, and function of designs
  • Use prototypes as an installation tool
  • Increase productivity by 20%

Helping The Blind "See"

People who are visually impaired use their sense of touch to "see". By designing 3D models in SOLIDWORKS and printing them on the 3D printer, Beyond Vision is giving their employees the opportunity to "see" objects that they have only imagined. Some examples include a 3D printed snowflake, butterfly, and the exit strategy for their office.


See how a 3D printed switch assembly is used


See an example of a 3D printed exit strategy

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