From Concept Models to Functional Prototypes


bb7: Who They Are

bb7 is a product development firm that has been providing fully developed solutions since 1944.

With talent and capabilities found nowhere else, we transform problems into profitable products. Our elite team of super-developers — from artists to rocket scientists — can tackle any problem, launch your products (into space if you want) and guide you to brand dominance. Our teams have worked on subatomic particle research equipment in Antarctica, integrated Nobel Prize-winning technology into a medical device, resurrected an iconic machine that hadn’t been re-designed since the Kennedy administration and so much more. What can we masterfully develop for you?

3D Printing Applications

  • Concept modeling
    • bb7 is able to test more ideas in house house for a fraction of the cost and time compared to outsourcing
  • Ergonomic studies
    • bb7 creates realistic models to resemble a wide variety of physical properties
    • bb7 collects data from physical prototypes to see how the market will use a product
  • Functional modeling
    • By using clear components and soft-touch material, prototypes have the look and feel of an actual part
    • PCB panels with LED lights are inserted into prototypes to test the fit and function

3D Printing Applications

  • 20% - 30% cost savings compared to outsourcing
  • Decreased lead times due to in-house 3D printing
  • Ability to print multiple iterations rather than settling on a design
  • Accelerate product to launch cycle

FDM and PolyJet Technology

For bb7, using both FDM and PolyJet technology throughout the product development cycle has been extremely beneficial. To better understand why this is so useful, let's define what each of these processes are.

Old Design

FDM Technology

New Design

PolyJet Technology

FDM, or fused deposition modeling, creates parts layer-by-layer with thermoplastics. This process is ideal for creating complex geometries and functional parts such as prototypes, jigs, and fixtures. FDM parts are also very durable and can withstand physical testing. For bb7, FDM is used early on in the process to test fit, form, and function. Since the parts are durable, they can also begin physical testing on a 3D printed model. Learn More About FDM Technology

PolyJet technology uses UV light to cure liquid photopolyers. This process is ideal for creating realistic, high-resolution models and can even contain multiple materials in a single build. Since the PolyJet technology offers very high resolution and a detailed surface finish, bb7 uses this technology later in the development cycle when the details are being refined.Learn More About PolyJet Technology

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