Managing Licenses with the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal

As a CAD Admin, do you ever wish you had an up-to-date list of all your SOLIDWORKS serial numbers? Are you often stuck wondering which computer or user is using a specific license? License management is made easy with the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal!

The Admin Portal is a cloud-based asset and service management platform that was released in 2018. The portal makes it easy for CAD administrators to:

  • Manage serial number assignments for users
  • Add and remove users for the company and manage access permissions
  • Invite new users to create a SOLIDWORKS ID associated with the company’s account
  • View currently activated computers for each standalone license

Getting Started

1. Navigate to and click the Log In button. Then sign in with your SOLIDWORKS ID. If you don’t have a SOLIDWORKS ID, you can find instructions for creating one.

2. Log in with your SOLIDWORKS ID credentials.

3. Once logged in, click your name and select Admin Portal in the dropdown.

4. Assuming that it’s the first time anyone from your company has attempted to log into the Admin Portal, you will be prompted to accept the terms and conditions and promote yourself to administrator. You can always add and change additional administrators later on. If you already have an administrator who has set up your Admin Portal, contact them for access.

5. Click Access the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal.

Navigating the Admin Portal

Once in the Admin Portal, you’ll automatically be taken to the Members tab. This is where you can manage a list of users for your company. Additional tabs listed across the top bar are “Products” where you can manage all of your licenses, “Services” where you can manage your MySolidWorks Professional training licenses if you have purchased any, and “CAD Admin Dashboard” where you can view hardware specifications for your user’s computers.

Managing Members

Taking a glance at the Members tab, you can view the email address for each user, the number of products assigned, and their permission level (Member vs. Admin). If you want to invite additional users to join, select Invite Member and enter their email address to send an invitation. To view the details for a specific member, click the first name of the user.

Once you’ve clicked the first name of a user, you’ll be taken to their page where you can view their information and assigned products. If you wish to change the user’s permissions, you can click “Change to Member” or “Change to Admin” accordingly. Please note that only users who have been granted the Admin role will be able to access the Admin Portal.

Managing Products

There are two ways to assign products to users. The first is on a member’s page towards the bottom in the “Available Products” section. Here, a product can be highlighted and then select “Assign Product” to assign it to the member.

The second method of assigning products is through the “Products” tab that was mentioned earlier. This page shows a list of all the product licenses owned by your company. Filters on the left can be used to filter the license list by various criteria, such as product type and whether it’s been assigned to a member. Once you locate the product license you wish to assign, click the product name to be taken to that product license’s page.

The page displays information about that specific product, such as whether it’s been assigned, the products that are included with it, and whether or not it’s activated. If it is activated, the name of the computer that it’s activated on will appear as well.

Much like how the member page displays available products that can be assigned, the bottom of the product license page displays available members that the license could be assigned to.

Managing Services

The Services tab functions similarly to the Products tab. If your company has purchased MySolidWorks Professional licenses to take eCourses on, these licenses will show up here. Please note that unlike product licenses, service licenses cannot be transferred to other members once they have been assigned to a member.

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