Follow These Steps to Create Your SOLIDWORKS ID

A SOLIDWORKS ID is your single account credentials for all things SOLIDWORKS related. Use it to access software downloads, search the knowledge base, post on SOLIDWORKS forums, manage your licenses, and view training videos.

1. Navigate to and click the Profile icon in the top right.

2. Click on “SW Customer Portal.”

3. Click on “Create a SOLIDWORKS ID.”

4. Enter your company email address and SOLIDWORKS serial number.

5. You will be sent an email to verify your account. Accept this verification to complete the account setup process.

6. After verifying your email account, log in. If your account appears with padlocks over some of the features, click on “Register my Products” and work through the serial number registration. If your company has an administrator setup through the Admin Portal on, you’ll need to have them assign a product license to you rather than registering one yourself.

7. Enter your SOLIDWORKS serial number. If you have SOLIDWORKS installed already, your serial number can be found by opening the software and going to Help > About SOLIDWORKS > Show Serial Number. After the serial number is entered, click “Next.”

8. Click the Find button.

9. Select the largest part number listed and click “OK.” Then click “Next.”

10. You should receive a confirmation message if your serial number is registered successfully.

11. If your account still shows locks next to the features, it may just be that you need to log out of your account and clear your browser cookies and cache and then try logging in again. You can also try logging in through a different web browser.

12. If you have any issues getting your account set up, please contact GSC Technical Support at 800-454-2233. You can also view our Technical Support page for additional assistance.

If you enjoyed this blog and found the information helpful to pass on to a teammate or to save, here are the steps in a PDF download for your use.

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