Splitting The Lombardi

It’s that time of year when NFL teams are all chasing the Vince Lombardi Trophy. It’s an iconic design, essentially a football atop a sleek, three-lobed pedestal, with only the…

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Generic Icon Options

Change Your SOLIDWORKS Icons to Prevent Versioning Errors

If you work with multiple versions of SOLIDWORKS, it can get difficult to make sure you’re not opening a file in a newer version than you intended. To help prevent this confusion, we recommend updating your icons with a custom graphic, and we show you how in this tutorial.

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Join the Dark Side with SOLIDWORKS Dark Mode Engaged

Strain from working with bright screens combined with white backgrounds can be a bit much. So, we offer you an alternative. Since SOLIDWORKS does not have an official complete ‘Dark Mode’ option, we can make a few tweaks to make it more aesthetically pleasing and easy on our eyes.

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