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This comprehensive course covers all aspects of sheet metal parts in SOLIDWORKS, from creating a base flange to process plans and flat blank drawings. Learn the difference between converting a part to sheet metal and truly designing a sheet metal part.

New techniques and features like tabs, edge flanges, and miter flanges make SOLIDWORKS an even better sheet metal design tool than before. Even if you've been trained in earlier versions of SOLIDWORKS sheet metal, taking this two day course will be well worth your time!

Classroom Course 2 Days

Download Course Curriculum

Online Course 4 Sessions X 2 Hours

Lesson Breakdown

Lesson 1 – Basic Flange Features
Lesson 2 – Working with the Flat Pattern
Lesson 3 – Additional Sheet Metal Techniques
Lesson 4 – Converting to Sheet Metal
Lesson 5 – Multibody Sheet Metal Parts
Lesson 6 – Forming Tools and Gussets
Lesson 7 – Additional Sheet Metal Functions
Appendix A – Sheet Metal Tables



What Our Clients Say

One of the best instructor/professors I have ever had. Easily relatable and easy to follow. Always asked if anyone needed help and walked around occasionally to look for trouble.

Mitchell Taylor

LDI Industries

The SOLIDWORKS training I received at GSC has turned me into the expert “Go to Guy” at my company.  For the times when I cannot answer my colleagues questions, GSC is one call away.  They give me the answers quickly so I can go back to being an expert!

Ryan Keenan

J.W. Speaker Corporation

The Solidworks Essentials class was packed with information delivered in a well-paced, clear format. The environment was inviting and comfortable, the people were very friendly and helpful, the instructor was a superb teacher, and the entire experience inspired creativity. The knowledge I’ve gained through this course will surely add great value to my skillset as an employee. I’m excited to take more courses at GSC!

Tory Meyer


One of the best training sessions I have taken in my 32-year career. The instructor showed a complete mastery of the subject, but could still meet students where they were starting from, and lead them to a better understanding of the material.

Mitchell Hein

CMD Corporation

Everything about the training was awesome. I have been using SOLIDWORKS for 6 years prior to taking the Essentials class, and I picked up a lot of tricks I didn't know.

Product Designer

Overall I was surprised to see how similar the online class was to the in person classes. I thought that the lecture part was identical as far as my eyes were concerned.


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