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SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard Essentials



Learn how to use SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard to generate, modify, and post-process 2.5 axis milling toolpaths used for the machining of SOLIDWORKS part files.

Lesson Breakdown

Lesson 1 – SOLIDWORKS CAM Basics and User Interface Lesson 2 – Automatic Feature Recognition and Operation Modification Lesson 3 – Interactive Feature Recognition (IFR) Lesson 4 – Interactive Operations Lesson 5 – Pattern Features Lesson 6 – Advanced Features and Operations Lesson 7 – Customizing the Technology Database Appendix A – Considerations for Waterjet, Plasma and Laser Machining Appendix B – Tolerance Based Machining


General SOLIDWORKS Knowledge


Use SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard software to generate, modify, and post process 2.5 axis milling toolpaths.

July 28 - July 29
8:30 am - 4:30 pm





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