3D Printing Tours – Markforged & HP Technology

Our Tours include in-person visits in our spacious Germantown Technology center with a staff guide, virtual tours with our staff online, or an on-demand recording you can watch. These include metal, composite, and thermoplastic printers from Markforged 3D Printing and HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing.

  • On-Demand Tour:  10 Minutes
  • Guided Virtual Tour:  20 Minutes, with Tour Guide
  • Guided In-Person Tour:  30 Minutes (Up to 90 Minutes Reserved), with Tour Guide
Matthew Wolak<br>3D Printing Advisor
Matthew Wolak
3D Printing Advisor
Mike Krause
Mike Krause
3D Printing Advisor
Nick Schmidtke
Nick Schmidtke
3D Applications Engineer
Markforged X7 3D Printer
HP 5200 Series 3D Printer
Production-Ready Printers

Industrial Printers for Manufacturing

Manufacturers are eliminating their dependence on outside sources for production and reducing the backlog within their own toolrooms. 3D Printing has moved well beyond rapid prototyping with benefits like:
  • Little to no touch time
  • Letting parts print overnight
  • Operators on the floor give feedback for design changes
  • Lightweighting parts without sacrificing strength

3D Printing Applications to Know

GSC Customer Success Story

 3D parts now make up Johnson Level's production line, including an ultrasonic welding fixture, multiple grippers, packaging prototypes and a new assembly machine. They purchased the Markforged Mark Two and saw ROI within 9 months.